Of Mice and Men PPs

Black Tuesday Dow Jones fell 13%25% unemployment
Dust Bowl No crop rotationGov. Soil conservation
Hoovervilles Created to mock Herbert HooverCentral Park= Hooverville
The New Deal July 1st 1932Law to secure future banks
Immigration Legislation of 1924 National Origins Quota ActEnded open immigration for Europeans
Marcus Carvey Encouraged Africans to go back to AfricaUNIA to improve blacks conditions
Jim Crow Laws Separate but equal rights for whites & blacksLiteracy test
Black Cabinet Abolish poll tax1934-1939
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Brown v. Board1955- boycotts against segregation
Cult of Domesticity Standards for womenReligious expectation- stayed at home
Equal Rights Amendment Women stand up for rights Seneca falls- first women’s right convention
NOW Largest feminist movement organization in USBetty Friedan- founder
Autism Mental disorderBelieved to be caused by diet
Okies Came from Oklahoma Moved to California and mistreated

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