Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Who are the main characters in OMAM? George and Lennie
What is the initial description of George? Small, strong features, every part of him was defined.
What is the initial description of Lennie? George’s opposite, a huge man, shapeless face, large, pale eyes, wide, slopping shoulders, he drags his arms the way a bear drags his paws.
How does the author characterize Lennie at the beginning of the novel? He is slow moving, slopping shoulders and bear like arms.
How does the author describe Lennie’s hands? His arms swung side to side like bear claws.
What is George’s attitude towards Lennie in the opening portion of the novel? George gets annoyed with Lennie but he really does care about him.
Why does Lennie have a mouse? He likes to pet soft things.
Where did Lennie find the mouse? He found it already dead across from where they were.
What does George instruct Lennie to do when they meet the boss? Why? George tells Lennie not to say a word because he might mess everything up. George wants the boss to just see the way Lennie works and not how slow he is.
Where are the two men headed? To a ranch to find a job in Soledad.
What did Lennie do that got them kicked out of Weed? He went up to a lady and touched her dress and when she yelled he didn’t let go. Because of this they had to flee Weed.
What does George do to Lennie’s mouse? He throws it across the river.
Why does George ask Lennie for the mouse again? Because he notices that Lennie’s pants are wet.
What does the reader learn about Lennie’s past? His Aunt Clara raised him, he likes to pet soft things, he got kicked out of Weed because he grabbed a ladies skirt.
How does Lennie grabbing the ladies dress connect to the mouse? Lennie likes to pet soft things so he grabbed on to the dress because it looked soft.
What two things does Aunt Clara give Lennie as a child? Mice and Red Velvet
What keeps Lennie motivated? Being able to raise the bunnies at their Ranch.
What does the author say that lets us know that Lennie is like an animal? He drinks from the river and he drags his paws (arms).
How do we know that George cares about Lennie from the opening of the book? George tells Lennie not to drink from the water because he doesn’t want Lennie to get sick after he had the dead mouse.
What is Lennie’s obsession? He likes to pet soft things.
What is the dream that Lennie and George keep talking about? How they want to move on a farm and own a bunch of colorful rabbits.
Why is the boss suspicious? Because George talks for Lennie.
What is Curley’s problem? Curley is a short small man who doesn’t like big people.
What does George seem to be anticipating about Lennie’s behavior? George doesn’t want Lennie to talk he just wants him to show the boss how great of a worker he is.
What does Lennie get so excited about when he gets to Soledad? He is excited that he might be getting a puppy.
Who is Crooks? He is the black stable worker.
Why do people call him “Crooks”? He has a crooked back.
What explanation does George give for Lennie’s behavior with the boss? He says he got kicked in the head by a horse as a kid and they are cousins.
What is Candy’s opinion of Curley’s wife? Is it justified? He thinks she is a tart, yes
How is Slim described? He is like the king.
How do the men seem to feel about the animal? They don’t really care about animals as much as Lennie does.
What information does George share with Slim? Where George and Lennie cam from, their dream, and what Lennie did.
Why does the author describe Slim as having “God-like eyes”? He sees all
How does Candy feel about what the men are asking him to do with his dog? He doesn’t want to kill it because he has had it since he was a puppy but he listens to the men anyway.
What happens between Lennie and Curley? They get into a fight and Lennie brakes Curleys hand.
What specific word choices are adding to the image of Lennie being like an animal? Lennie’s hand is the like the paw holding the fish and the fish is Curley.
What does Crooks’ room reveal about him? That he knows that he is going to be there for a while.
How does Crooks upset Lennie? He tells him that the dream will never come true.
How is Lennie’s treatment of the pup typical? He petted it like he petted the mouse.
What happens to Lennie’s new pup? He hits him because he thinks that its going to bite him.
Why could Curley’s wife be considered a “dreamer” as well? Because she wants to become an actress and explore the world and become famous.
How does Curley’s wife feel about Curley? She doesn’t actually like him she just married him because she wanted to explore.
What does Curley’s wife lure Lennie into doing? Petting her hair because it is soft.
Why does Lennie whisper to himself “I done a bad thing”? Because he has killed Curley’s wife and he know that George will be really mad at him.
What does Lennie do to Curley’s wife? He pets her hair and he starts to pet it too hard and he covers her mouth before she can scream and when she starts to Lennie breaks her neck.
What is Lennie’s biggest fear? Not being able to tend to the rabbits.
What is George’s reaction to the murder? He already expected Lennie to hurt her.
What is Curley’s reaction to the murder? He is furious, he wants to kill him.
Why does Lennie go back to the bush? Because in the begining George told him that if he ever gets in trouble he should meet him there.
What does Lennie see at the bush? He sees his Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit.
What is the last thing that George tells Lennie? He explains their dreams.
Why does George lie about the gun? He knows that if they know George took it he would lose his job.
What does the reader realize about Carlson and Curley at the end of the novel? That they never understood George and Lennie’s relationship.
Who wrote the poem this book is based upon? Robbie Burns

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