Of Mice and Men Idioms – Russ

blow their stake lose and/or spend all their money
blowin’ in our jack losing, spending, or gambling away all our money
bustin’ a gut engage in hard physical labor so you ache everywhere, even in your gut
in hot water to be in trouble
jungle-up during the Great Depression, many wanderers settled at night in groups called hobo jungles. it means to camp out for the evening in the company of similar companions.
live off the fatta the lan’ refers to having the best of everything. for George and Lennie it is prospering off the “fat” they grow and raise and needing nothing else
bum steer false info or directions
canned fired
clear out leave for good
done quite a bit in the ring boxing ring, Candy references how Curley has done some boxing
drink hearty “Drink up, drink well, have a good time”
flapper mouth
game courageous
gang up attack as a group
get the can get fired
got the eye Candy refers to the fact that Curley’s wife looks around at other men instead of being faithful to her husband
in heat for a female animal (dog) to be in a state of sexual excitement when she will accept mating from a male
jail bait girl below legal age of consent for sex; an underage girl who tempts a man to sexual intimacy which is punishable by imprisonment
licked beat; loses the fight
old lady mother, or Lennie’s Aunt Clara
old man father
pants is full of ants be nervous and restless
pants rabbits parasites, such as lice, those that affect the genital area
picking scraps provoke fights or quarrels
plug himself up for a fighter advertise or display oneself; to boast. George is saying that Curley may want to go after Lennie to prove he is a good fighter.
poison women who only means trouble, especially to a man
poke wallet or purse, money; especially all the money one has
pokin’ your big ears into our business eavesdropping; listening in, uninvited, on a private convo
poop energy; desire
rassel lift, carry, and handle; especially something heavy and awkward
rattrap hopeless situation where nothing good can happen. George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley’s wife.
scrappy aggressive; fond of fighting and arguing
shove off leave
shove out of here get out of here
slang her pups gave birth to her pups
sore as hell extremely angry
take the rap take the blame; be the one who gets into trouble
tangles fights; argues
two bits a quarter; 25 cents
what stake you got in this guy interest in a person. boss asks George what interest he has in Lennie.
what the hell’s he got on his shoulder “to have a chip on one’s shoulder”, describes a person who is bad tempered, easily angered, or always ready to fights (Curley)
bucks dollars
crack attempt or try, one session of sexual intercourse with a prostitute
cut off his wind hit in the stomach, making it hard to breathe
flat bust completely broke; without any money
flop sexual intercourse with a prostitute
goo-goos silly young men; idiots; perhaps those who are a little lovestruck
hoosegow jail
looloo a sexy woman
make it stick to be successful, Curley is not successful in scaring Slim
old lady wife
on the county on welfare; on public relief
people family
punk insignificant person; someone of no importance
rabbits in jumps in
roll up a stake save up some money
scram leave in a hurry
set on the trigger on the verge of causing trouble
set you back cost
shot one ounce of liquor
start a party out to lynch a mob that wants to kill/hang someone. men in Weed wanted to kill Lennie.
throw a litter give birth, young animals born at one time
throw a scare scare, intimidate
welter welterweight, boxer from 136 to 147 pounds
wing-ding terrific person, someone to be admired
yella-jackets in his drawers restless and nervous, wasps in his underwear (Whit describing Curley)
yella yellow; a coward
balony nonsense
booby hatch insane asylum; place to house mentally unstable people
corn whiskey made from corn
cover ‘im up protect him; make excuses for him; cover for him
doped out figured out
old lady mother dog
put me in pitchers put me in pictures; gotten me a job as a movie actress
right cross punch delivered by boxer’s right fist
screwy crazy
sellin’ me trying to make me believe
set sit; sit down
strung up on a tree hanged, lynched
take you out in a box box is a coffin, Crooks tells Candy that the old man will remain where he is until he dies
took a powder left
went with shows been an entertainer on the stage
we’d never do her “her” refers to their plan to own a farm. George is saying that he thinks they all knew they would never really accomplish their dream.

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