Of Mice and Men, Idioms, Chapter 2

bum steer false information or directions.
canned fired
clear out leave for good
done quite a bit in the ring having done some boxing
drink hearty Drink up, drink well, have a good time!
flappers mouth
game courageous
gang up attack as a group
get the can got fired
got the eye tends to look around at other men/women
in heat when a dog will accept mating from a male
jail bait a girl below the legal age of consent
licked beat; loses the figh
old lady mother
old man father
pants is full of ants nervous
pants rabbits any type of parasites
picking scraps to provoke fights or quarrels
plug himself up for a fighter to advertise or display oneself; to boast that one is a good fighter
poison a woman who can only mean trouble
poke a wallet or purse
pokin’ your big ears into our business eavesdropping; listening in, uninvited, on a private conversation
poop energy or desire
rassel to lift, carry, and handle; especially something heavy and awkward
rattrap a hopeless situation that no good can come from
scrappy aggressive; fond of fighting and arguing
shove off leave
shove out of here get out of here
slang her pups gave birth to her pups
sore as hell angry
take the rap take the blame
tangles fights, argues
two bits a quarter; twenty-five cents

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