Of Mice and Men Final Test Review

What town do Lennie and George flee from? Weed
What about the dream excites Lennie the most? He will get to tend the rabbits.
Why is Candy unable to imagine getting rid of his dog? He had it since it was a pup; He herded sheep with it.
Who cared for Lennie before George? Lennie’s Aunt Clara
What year is of Mice and Men set? 1930
Why did the scuffle between Curley’s wife and Lennie start? She let him touch her hair.
Who is the only person who understands the bond between Lennie and George? Slim
What is a main theme in the novel? Loneliness, dreams
How does George feel after he speaks harshly to Lennie? ashamed
When does George and Lennie’s dream become closest to reality? When Candy offers to join them
How was Curley’s hand hurt? Lennie crushed it.
How are George and Lennie different from other guys? They travel together.
List a character that does NOT know about the dream. Curley, Carlson, Slim, The Boss
What happened at the last place George and Lennie worked? Lennie grabbed a girl’s dress. The girl got scared and screamed.
If Lennie ever got in trouble again, where did George tell hi to go? To hide in the brush
Why did George lie to the Boss about leaving their last job? He needed the new job and was afraid if he told the truth he wouldn’t get hired.
Why does George tell Lennie to watch out for Curley’s wife? He is flirtatious and he knows Lennie will get in trouble.
Why does Candy become interested in George and Lennie’s dream? He is getting old and is afraid he will be fired and have no place to go.
Why do Lennie and Curley get into a fight? Curley thinks Lennie is laughing at him.
What is the result of the fight between Lennie and Curley? Lennie crushes Curley’s hand.
Why does Lennie accidentally kill Curley’s wife? He is petting her hair; He grabs it and she gets scared. He covers her mouth to quiet her and holds on too tight. He breaks her neck.

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