Of Mice and Men Exam Review

Of Mice and Men is set in what decade? 1930s
In which state is the story set? California
Why does Carlson want to shoot Candy’s dog? The dog is too old to be of any use and stinks up the room
From whom does Candy seek advice before Carlson shoots his dog? Slim
How did Crooks get his name? He has a crooked back
Disappointed in her life, Curley’s wife wonders where she would be if she had become an actress
How are George and Lennie different from the other men they look out for eachother
In the power structure of the ranch which character has the least amount of power Crooks
When Steinbeck tells us that Lennie likes to pet soft things, which literary technique is he using? Foreshadowing
After killing Curley’s wife, which pair of figures appear and scold Lennie? Aunt Clara and a giant Rabbit
Which of the following characters check the dead body for vital signs? Slim
Before George meets Lennie in the woods in the final scene, whose gun does he take Carlson
The structure of the novel most resembles a ________ play
Lennie scares the girl in the red dress in the town of Weed first event
The bus driver lies to George and Lennie second event
Candy’s dog is shot and killed third event
Lennie breaks Curly’s hand fourth event
Lennie accidentally kills the puppy fifth event
Lennie has two hallucinations sixth event
Of Mice and Men was first published in 1937 true
Curley keeps vaseline in one of his gloves to help soothe a boxing injury false
A cat house is an another term for whorehouse or brothel true
George is the first person to discover Curly’s wife dead body false
Candy will still go buy the farm on his own, he will not be deterred by George and Lennie false
Whit reads aloud a letter he sent to the editor that he wrote and was published in a Western Magazine false
Curly always wears a bull whip to show that he has much more power than any of the other ranch workers true
Curley’s wife invites Lennie to hold her hands and rub her shoulders false

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