Of mice and men character quotes

Crooks 5 cynical – “nobody never gets to heaven and nobody never gets no land”educated – “a tattered dictionary and a mauled copy of the California civil code”vulnerable – “i could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny”lonely – “dont matter who the guy is, longs he with you” This shows his desperation to be apart of somethingFrosty but likes the attention – “you aint wanted in my room” then “come on in and set”.
Slim 6 respected – “his word was taken on any subject” good judge of character, more mature to the others like Carlson and Curley – “I can tell a mean guy from a mile off” makes it evident that Slim has a great understanding of Lennie and George’s relationship whereas characters such as Carlson only believe that is it for exploitive reasons.authoritative/moral figure – “Slim’s opinions were law”admirable – “prince of the ranch” voice of rationalism and reason – “I guess we gotta get him” but takes George for a drink. He is there every time there is a crucial juncture in the story which shows his omniscience and that he represents doing what’s right or wrong.appreciative, sympathetic – “An s’pose they lock him up an’ strap him down and put him in a cage. That ain’t no good, George.”antihecist to Curley – Curley was born with power “wont ever get canned cos his old mans the boss” whereas Slim earned it “prince of the ranch”
George 5 father figure – “Lennie! For Gods sake!” mature, always looking out for other people – “dark of face with restless eyes”represents defiance of American Dream – “because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you”practical – although his American dream is far from realistic, he gets excited when Candy brings up the funds and finds a way how to work round things. mature, only one who has a realisation – after his conversations with Slim in which he admits he “used to play jokes on ‘im cause he was too dumb”, he then realises this was wrong. This shows the difficult realisation that the world is designed to prey on the weak.
Carlson 3 emotionless, unsympathetic – doesn’t see candy has an emotional attachment to his dog. Reiterates the isolation on the ranch. agressive – “you come for me and I’ll kick your ******** head off”insensitive – “now what the hell ya suppose is eating them two guys?”
Candy 4 inferior – “old man” “weak ones” “old swamper” from the start his weaknesses are emphasisedlonely – “I aint got no relatives” “A guy on a ranch don’t never listen nor he don’t ast no questions.” Shows he doesnt really know how to make conversation nor does he want to because he’s used to being lonely represents how American society throws out the useless ones, endless cycle – “I ain’t much good with only one hand” Candy gives Steinbeck an opportunity to discuss social discrimination based on age and handicaps. Candy represents what happens to everyone who gets old in American society: They are let go, canned, thrown out, used up. At this time a man’s worth was measured purely on his ability to work as a manual labourerdesperate – when Curleys wife dies, he is still insistant on making the dream happen. This shows the desperation to end the constant cycle of death with no meaning.
Lennie 5 uneducated, disabled – through the use of ellipsis and ommisive apostrophes dopey; careless – “the way a bear drags his paws” anthropomorphism, foreshadows later event as the “big bear” suddenly turns evil. cluless and clumsy, blindsided by George – “the follower nearly ran over him”bad mannered, childish, immature – “snorted into the water like a horse”he tries his best to please George which shows the importance of friendship to him – “if it was here you could have some” and “I wouldn’t eat none of it”
Curleys wife 7 flirtatious – “her body was thrown forward” Bridlingprejudiced against, sexualised – “wait till ya see Curleys wife” and “jailbait” and “tart” She is discussed in terms of what she looks like, not her personality. represents the portrayal of women – ‘Why’n’t you tell her to stay the hell home where she belongs? And “a ranch with a bunch of guys on it ain’t no place for a girl”. possession, wanted by men – “He says he was going to put me in the movies” possessive pronouns shows she is owned by a man and does what a man tells hersneaky – “Curleys wife can move quiet. I guess shes had a lot of practice though” cares about her appearance – “red nails” and “heavily made up” and “little red clusters like sausages” She typically dresses in red, provocative clothing and accessories.vain – Curley’s wife knows her beauty is her power, and she uses it to flirt with the ranch hands and make her husband jealous. “I’m lookin’ for Curley”powerless – “You know what I could do to you if you open your trap?” She has to pick to the weak ones and shows that despite everything it is a human characteristic to feel superior to someone
Curley 5 disrespectful, feels he needs to prove himself – “glove fulla vaseline” “Curley’s wife”thinks he is very authoritative and demands respect – “nex’ time to answer when you’re spoke to” “clenched his hands into a fist”pugnacious, agressive – “taking a sock the first chance he gets” to prove his masculinity prejudices women – “seems like Curley is cockier n ever”immature – “Oh, so it’s that way?”antihecist to Curley – Curley was born with power “wont ever get canned cos his old mans the boss” whereas Slim earned it “prince of the ranch”

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