Of Mice and Men–Character Descriptions

Lennie huge man
Lennie shapeless face
Lennie large pale eyes
Lennie strong, quick
Lennie child-like
Lennie forgetful
Lennie innocent minded, no common sense
Lennie drags his hands like a bear
Lennie “If I get in any trouble, you ain’t gonna let me tend the rabbits”
George small and quick
George defined face
George dark of face, eyes
George restless face
George sharp, strong
George defined features
Lennie gentle and kind
Lennie likes to pet soft things
Lennie doesn’t know his own strength
George “You was gonna leave your big flapper shut and leave me do the talkin; damn near lost us the job”
Candy old man
Candy old dog
Candy hand injury; missing a hand
Candy aging ranch handyman/janitor
Candy offers to put in money towards dream ranch
Candy squirmed at the thought of shooting his dog
Candy death of his dog foreshadows death of Lennie’s death
Crooks born in California
Crooks crooked back
Crooks African American
Crooks lonely, has his own room
Crooks offers to help Lennie and George with their dream
Crooks “his lean face was lined with deep black wrinkles, and he had thin, pain tightened lips which were lighter than his face”
Crooks “his eyes lay deep in his head, and because of their depth, seemed to glitter with intensity”
Crooks very intelligent, reads frequently
Crooks tries to be organized, yet his room contains all stuff for the animal
Crooks most possessions on the ranch; represents his permanency
Crooks sees danger when it approaches (Lennie)
Crooks Curley’s wife likes confronting this character
Crooks voice of reason
Crooks black stable hand
Crooks proud, bitter, sometimes funny
Crooks has seen countless men talk of a similar dream and fail, yet wants to join Lennie
Curley young and thin
Curley brown tight hair and face
Curley small man syndrome
Curley boxer, aggressive
Curley bosses son
Curley paranoid
Curley defensive and unaware of his wife’s doings
Curley wears high heeled boots to establish his dominance, supremacy
Slim tall
Slim long black hair
Slim blue jeans, denim jacket
Slim confident, great authority, leader
Slim all talking stops when he speaks
Slim compared to royalty, majesty
Slim Prince of the Ranch
Slim “ageless hatchet face”
Slim George confides in him
Slim nonjudgmental
Slim George explains to him why they left Weed
Slim agrees that Candy should kill his dog, only reason Curley does
Slim quiet, insightful
Carlson big stomach man
Carlson sense of humor
Carlson insensitive
Carlson his gun kills Candy’s dog and Lennie
Carlson doesn’t like Candy’s dog, says it is worthless, old, smelly
Carlson represents the majority of migrant workers
Carlson “Now what do you suppose is eatin at those two guys?”
Carlson fails to see the things that matter to people, companionship
Curley’s wife color red is emphasized
Curley’s wife bright red nails, lipstick, shoes, ostrich feathers
Curley’s wife hair is like rolled sausages
Curley’s wife tightly rolled curls
Curley’s wife wide set eyes
Curley’s wife nasal, brittle quality
Curley’s wife viewed as Curley’s possession–not named
Curley’s wife desperate for attention
Curley’s wife wanted to be a movie star
Curley’s wife has a dream like George and Lennie, yet is unrealistic
Curley’s wife intelligent, but doesn’t see Lennie’s danger
Curley’s wife uses her appeal and feminine attractions for attention
Curley’s wife when killed, looks peacefully beautiful; “all meanness” is gone
Boss wears high heel boots with spurs to show dominance
Boss black is emphasized with him
Boss doesn’t understand why the two travel together
Boss thinks George may be taking Lenny’s pay
Boss takes temper out on Crooks

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