Of Mice and Men Character Charts

George PA: physically small with very sharp featuresP,A,B: quiet, intelligent man who takes care of LennieRWO: protective of Lennie
Lennie PA: huge and lumberingP,A,B: mentally challenged man who likes to pet soft thingsRWO: trusts George unconditionally
Candy PA: tall, stoop-shouldered old man, missing his right handP,A,B: old swamper who knows his days on the ranch are numberedRWO: wants to join George and Lennie’s dream
Curley PA: a “thin young man with a brown face (tan), with brown eyes and a head of tightly curled hair.P,A,B: ranch owner’s son and former boxerRWO: antagonistic towards all the other characters
Slim PA: Slim is tall, ageless. He wears a Stetson and walks with authorityP,A,B: compassionate and kind ranch handRWO: respected by all others
Crooks PA: black, lean face, and crooked backP,A,B: isolated from others b/c of his raceRWO: does not talk with others
Carlson PA: powerful, big stomached manP,A,B: insensitive ranch hand RWO: kills Candy’s dog b/c of its age
Curley’s Wife PA: she wears too much makeup, with red fingernails and red shoes with ostrich feathersP,A,B: bored and lonely housewife; dreamed of being a movie starRWO: flirtatious with the men on the ranch

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