Of Mice and Men Chapters 1-3

Describe the atmosphere that is created by the imagery in the rst two paragraphs of the novel. Starts at the river, green grass. Peaceful, serene and simple, like George and Lennie
Why does George get angry with Lennie after they arrive in the clearing? Lennie is George’s burden (unwanted responsibility) and George is sometimes frustrated with Lennie, and is tired of always havingto look out for him
What does the dead mouse in his jacket pocket reveal about Lennie? Lennie doesn’t understand how strong he his; when he “pets” themice, he accidentally kills them
Why does George urge Lennie to remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they’ll be working? So the Boss won’t see that Lennie isn’t very intelligent; George isafraid that the Boss will think Lennie isn’t a good worker, becausehe isn’t smart
As they prepare the campre for dinner, Lennie remarks that he likes his beans with ketchup, sending George into a rage. Whatdoes his anger reveal? Like a child, Lennie wants things they don’t have
Is Lennie capable of manipulating George? Yes. After George gets mad at him for wanting ketchup, Lennie says he will go away and live in a cave. George and Lennie both know this won’t ever happen, and Lennie succeeds in making George feel guilty
What is the purpose of the story of the rabbits that George tellsLennie? It’s a dream they have shared for a long time, and it helps to calm Lennie down
Before they go to sleep, George tells Lennie to “hide in the brush” near their campsite and wait for George to come if he getsinto any trouble. What prediction can readers draw from George’s instructions? That Lennie will cause some kind of trouble again and will need torun and hide, so he and George can escape. Lennie got into trouble in Weed (grabbing the girl’s dress) and this has probably happened many times before.
Why does Steinbeck describe Lennie in animalistic terms? It helps to explain Lennie’s simple nature, child-like manner and lack of responsibility for himself
How does the boss react to Lennie’s silence? The Boss is suspicious that George is taking advantage of Lennie,maybe taking his paychecks
Why does the boss nd George and Lennie’s relationship unusual? Most of the ranch hands are loners; he doesn’t understand the connection between Lennie and George, thinks it’s strange for two men to be traveling together
How does the boss treat George and Lennie? Like they’re just regular ranch hands – they’re workers, not friends
What is George’s fear at this point in the novel? George is afraid that Lennie will say or do something that will cost them getting jobs.
When Lennie questions George about telling the boss Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse, George says, “Be a damn goodthing if you was….Save ever’body a hell of a lot of trouble.” What does this mean? George wishes there was a good explanation for Lennie’s simple nature, why he’s so childlike. He thinks it would make people more sympathetic to Lennie
Describe Candy’s connection to his dog. The dog is his constant companion, they’ve been together since he was a pup. The dog is old now, not very useful anymore, just like Candy.
How is Candy’s relationship with his dog reflective of George’s relationship with Lennie? George takes care of Lennie, like Candy takes care of the dog. Lennie and the dog keep George and Candy from feeling alone
When George confronts Candy about eavesdropping, Candy says, “A guy on a ranch don’t never listen nor he don’t ast no questions.” What does this reveal about the lives of the migrant workers? The ranch hands are individuals who aren’t connected to each other
Steinbeck describes Curley’s glance as “at once calculating andpugnacious,” and he strides about with “his elbows…still bent out a little.” How does this description reveal Curley’s personality? He is a small man who wants to fight bigger men (like Lennie), toprove he is macho
How do George and Lennie react to seeing Curley’s wife for the first time? They think she is pretty but they are not respectful of her; George thinks she is nothing but trouble
What caused George to stop playing mean-spirited jokes on Lennie? Lennie is so gullible (easily fooled) and George felt bad about fooling him
What detail is added to the Weed story when George confides in Slim? A girl accused Lennie of assaulting her
Carlson offers a simple solution to the problem of Candy’s dog’s smell and feebleness: shoot it. Slim concurs, saying that the old dog only suffers. What is the significance of this scene? It shows that Slim is in charge of decisions made on the ranch; and it shows his allowing Carlson to take responsibility for stopping the dog’s suffering
When Carlson starts to take Candy’s dog out to be shot, Slim reminds him to “take a shovel.” What does he mean? Be responsible – take a shovel and finish the job (bury the dog)
The discussion of Curley’s wife leads Whit to invite George to come with the other men “to old Susy’s place.” What is “old Susy’s place,” and what purpose does it serve in the novel? Old Susy’s is a brothel; a place where the men can go for a break from the working atmosphere of the ranch
What is Candy’s reaction to the gunshot and later to Carlson cleaning his gun? He turns to the wall and cries; later, he can’t watch Carlson clean the gun because it reminds him that he didn’t take responsibility for his old dog
What is the attraction of the vision of the farm and the rabbits to Candy? He feels that he can be useful again, and have a sense of belonging
Why does Candy say that he should’ve shot his own dog? The dog was his responsibility, not Carlson’s
Why is Slim angry with Curley when they return to the bunk house? Curley has accused Slim of being with his wife; Slim tells Curley is it his responsibility to keep track of his own wife
Why does Curley attack Lennie? Curley attacks Lennie because he thinks Lennie was laughing at him; also, it’s a chance for him to prove his strength and his courage in front of the men

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