Of Mice and Men: Chapter 6 Questions

How is the beginning of this scene similar to the beginning of the novel? Why would Steinbeck begin this chapter in the same way that he began the first? Story has come full circle. Lennie is back where he and George started.
Explain the image of the heron awaiting its prey and its connection to Lennie and his circumstances. The Heron is the men coming after Lennie, Lennie is the snake who is killed. Lennie is going to be killed by the men.
As Lennie is waiting for George, he remembers a ¨little fat old woman. She wore thick bull´s-eye glasses and she wore a huge gingham apron with pockets, and she was starched and clean.¨ Who is this woman? Lennie´s Aunt Clara
How can you explain the hallucinations that Lennie has as he is waiting for George? He is scared for what George will say, he knows he is hurting George.
How does George know where to find Lennie? George had told Lennie to go the brush by the creek if anything bad happens.
Why does George go through the motions of pretending to be angry at Lennie? It makes Lennie fell better, that even though something bad happened George will fix after he yells at Lennie.
Explain whether you believe Lennie realizes that he has done something wrong. No, he does not realize what he did. He just wants George to yell at him, he is only thinking about the rabbits, nothing else.
Explain the symbolism in George´s final telling of the farm story. It is the final telling, Lennie will not see the farm.
Why is George calm, almost without emotion, when he talks with Lennie? He know what he needs to do for Lennie, it has to be done.
During Georges retelling of the ranch story, the point is made that on the ranch they will have each other to look after. Why is this point mentioned so often? George and Lennie are special, most men don´t travel in pairs. They look out for each other. George in the end is still looking out for Lennie.
Earlier in the novel, what foreshadows the final events between Lennie and George? George and Lennie are partners, that they look out for each other, and that Lennie has gotten into trouble before.
Why do you think George shoots Lennie? He does not want Lennie put in a cage, locked up and treated like and treated like an animal. He also does not want Lennie to suffer, which if he is shot in the gut he would.
Why do you think George lies to the men about the events that led up to Lennie´s death? He does not know what the men would say if they knew he killed Lennie. They would be angry, they were not in on the kill.
Who realizes what really happened between Lennie and George? Slim
Explain the significance of the final statement in the novel. It´s a terrible tragedy that was done, Lennie should not have had to dies, but the wife was trouble it was bound to happen. Carlson and Curley do not understand what happened.

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