Of Mice and Men Chapter 6

Where does Lennie hide in the brush where George told him to go if he gets in trouble
Describe Lennies Hallucination he sees Aunt clara and a rabbit
How do the characters in Lennies dream treat him they make him feel guilty and treat him harshly
What does George do to Lennie and how does he do it George kills Lennie with Carlsons luger so the other men don’t do worse
Who or what in the novel was killed in the same way as Lennie Candys dog
Why did George lie to the others about what really happened justify the death shows strong charactershows compassion
Why does Slim say “you had George, you hadda” he understands why George did what he did
What else does Slim say to Lennie “Never you mind… a guy got to sometimes”
What does Carlson say to the others “Now what ya suppose is eating’ them two guys”
How and Why does George kill Lennie killed with Carlsons Luger to protect him from curley
Who is the only one who really understands what George did Slim
Would George ever get a piece of land No
Who says this phrase and why does he say it: “If George don’t want me….. I’ll go away. I’ll go away” Lennie when he thinks about how much trouble he causes George
What does Aunt Clara say to Lennie Aunt Clara:accuses him of never thinking of George even though George is so nice to himstarts listing off all the women George could have had without Lennie announces Lennie has no intention to leave George alone she disappears to be replace by a rabbit
What does the rabbit say to Lennie Rabbit:large and angry with Lennies voicesays “he ain’t fit to lick the boots of no rabbit”rabbit suggests that George will beat Lennie with a stick and then leave Lennie. Says “He’s gonna leave you, ya crazy bastard. He’s gonna leave you all alone
What does this Event foreshadow:Carlson kills Candy’s dog George kills Lennie
What does this Event foreshadow:Lennie is run out of weed Lennie must leave soledad
What does this Event foreshadow:Lennie breaks the mouses neck Lennie kills Curleys wife and the pup
What does this Event foreshadow:George tells Lennie to hide in the brush if he gets in trouble Lennie hides in the brush after killing Curleys wife
What does this Event foreshadow:Curley harasses Lennie for not talking Curley and Lennie fight
What does this Event foreshadow:Curleys wife is a rat-trap Lennie kills Curley’s wife
What does this Event foreshadow:George tells Candy that Curley is asking for trouble from Lennie Lennie crushes Curleys hand
What does this Event foreshadow:Lennie kills the pup Lennie kills Curleys wife
What does this Event foreshadow:Crooks tells Lennie: No body gets to heaven and no body gets no land Their dream never comes true
What does this Event foreshadow:The characters in Lennies hallucination tell Lennie that George will leave him George kills Lennie
What does this Event foreshadow:”I ought to shot that dog my self George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog” George kills Lennie
What are 4 examples from the novel that shows George and Lennies friendship George helps Lennie escape from WeedGeorge acts as Lennies spokesmanGeorge reassures Lennie that they are different from other ranch hands because they have each otherGeorge took up the responsibility to care for Lennie
Cause:Candys dog is old sick and slow Effect:Carlson shoots the dog and Candy loses his companion
Cause:Crooks is black Effect:he lives alone in a shedshunnedJealous of Lenniereads
Cause:Curley picks on Lennie Effect:Curley and Lennie fight Lennie breaks curleys handCurley is hurt, embarrassed and vows to get even
Cause:Lennie kills Curleys wife Effect:George and Lennies dream is destroyed Lennie hidesGeorge kills Lennie and his free but alone
Lennie stroke the dead mouse and the hair of Curleys wife. What is the significance Lennie cannot learn from his mistakes or control his desire to touch soft things without hurting them
George tells Lennie not to talk to Curleys wife and he talks to Curleys wife anyway. What is the significance she needs and wants to talk to someone
Lennie frightens the Girl in the red dress and Curleys wife Lennie is trapped by his actions and never learns his lesson
Lennie to retire to the campsite. Lennie goes back and returns because he has done something bad. What is the significance lennie is suited to live in nature but not society
George wishes he wasn’t burdened with Lennies care and realizes he will be free. What is the significance George ends up realizing he needs Lennie
Carlson shoots candys dog with the same luger George kills Lennie with. What is the significance Weak and useless characters can’t survive alone
Candy regrets that he didn’t shoot his dog himself so George kills Lennie himself. What is the significance George takes responsibility for his own action
When is the farm first mentioned and what is the mood at the birth calm
What does the farm mean to George and Lennie George:Self reliance Lennie:care for the rabbis and responsibility
Why does the dream appeal to Candy? Why is George first threatened?How does candys interest change the dream? Candy wants to live without fearGeorge doesn’t want anyone to knowCandy offer to put in money helps
How do crooks and curleys wife react to the dream they don’t think it will come true.
How and why does the dream die? To what extent was Lennie participation in the dream important to George. dream dies with Lennies death Lennie shared the same dream as George
Why does George repeat the dream to Lennie before killing him. What has the dream come to mean at this point? George wants Lennie to die with good thoughts George accepts the dream is dead
What does George and Lennies farm show hopes, dreams
What does crooks bare lightbulb show Loneliness, isolation, weakness
What does the red slippers with ostrich feathers show attraction
What does Candys dog show weakness
What do the bosses spurs show power
What do the western magazines show hopes, dreams
What does Candys missing hand show weakness
What does Curleys wifes hair style show attraction
What do the horseshoes matches show power, acceptance and approval
What does candys broom show loneliness isolation weakness
What does Curleys wiry hair show anger
what does the color red show attraction
What does the sunlight show power, hopes and dreams

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