Of Mice and Men: Chapter 5 Questions

Despite the descriptive setting of the barn and the quiet Sunday afternoon, the next chapter begins with an accident. Explain what happens and why Lennie is so worried. Lennie´s little puppy is dead, he is worried George won´t let him tend the rabbits.
Describe Lennie´s irrational anger when he does not understand about the puppy´s death. He is very angry, throws the dead puppy. Lennie keeps comparing the puppy to the mice; he doesn’t know that the puppy can also be hurt, just like the mice.
Who joins Lennie in the barn?How does Lennie react? Curley´s wife, she is looking for someone to talk to. Lennie is upset, he does not want her around.
How is the conversation between Lennie and Curley´s wife like the conversation between Lennie and Crooks? Both ask a lot of questions that Lennie cant answer, he does not understand the questions.
How does Curley´s wife show that she is not as contemptible as she seems? She talks about her dreams of being in pictures, says she wont tell George about the dead puppy.
When Curley´s wife is trying to console Lennie, she states: ¨You can get another one easy. The whole country is fulla mutts.¨ How might that statement be applied to more than just animals? There are always men looking for work, you can always find another nice band.
Why does Curley´s wife become angry at Lennie? Lennie was told he was not to talk to the wife, she wants to talk.
Throughout the book, the reader learns about Lennie and George´s dream. What does the reader learn about Curley´s wife´s dream? how does her dream influence her life? She wants to be in movie pictures, have nice clothes, stay in nice hotels. She thought her mom stole the letter from the movie guy, so she marries Curley to get away.
How does Curley´s wife feel about him? She does not like him, thinks he is a mean fella.
How does the reader know that Curley´s wife does not understand Lennie´s mental challenges? She gets angry after Lennie keeps talking about rabbits, and Lennie taking care of them and she sits very close to Lennie.
What is Lennie´s explanation for why he likes rabbits?How does Curley´s wife respond? He likes to pet nice (soft) things. She calls him nuts, and moves away from Lennie.
Why does Lennie panic, and what happens as a result of his panic?How is this similar to an event earlier in the story? He is stroking the wife´s hair to hair and she yells, he holds tight, he puts his hand over her mouth as she screamed again. Lennie ends up shaking the wife and breaking her neck. he is stroking something soft on a girl and she yells, but he does not let go.
What similarity can be found in the death of the puppy, in the beginning of the chapter, and the death of Curley´s wife? Lennie does not mean to do it, but he does not realize how strong he is and both the puppy and the wife are dead.
Explain the following image from the book:¨And the meanness and the plannings and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face. She was very pretty and simple, and her face was sweet and young.¨ In life she was mean, coniving causing trouble, but know she is dead, she is pretty and simple.
How do Curley´s wife and Lennie´s dreams both seem to dies with the accidental death? The wife is dead, she won´t be able to follow her dreams, Lennie has killed her so he won´t be able to live with George and tend the rabbits.
When Steinbeck describes the moments after Curley´s wife´s death, he uses personification. Cite and example of personification and explain the impact of its use in this section of the novel. ¨She flopped like a fish¨-this use explains that the wife is dead.
Who discovers Curley´s wife´s body?What is the reaction? Candy, he is shocked so he runs for George.
What decision does George make about the girl´s death?What does Candy want to do and why? Tell the men, lock Lennie up. Candy wants to let him go, knows Curley will kill Lennie.
More than the girl´s death and Lennie´s possible arrest, what does Candy worry about?What is George´s reaction? Candy worries they won´t get the farm now.
How does Candy address the body of the girl after he talks to George and learns that their dream of the farm is no longer a reality?Why do you think he reacts this way? Calls her a tramp and a trat, says she ¨had to go and mess it all up.¨He is ajgry and hurt that the dream is gon.
How does George keep the men from finding Lennie right away?How do we know that this is not where Lennie would have gone? Tells the men Lennie went south, opposite of coming to the ranch. Lennie knew to go to the place by the creek, its the place when bad things happen.
What do the men suppose happend to Carlson´s gun?Why is this hard to believe? They think Lennie took it. Lennie doesn’t mess with guns, doesn’t fin them curious.

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