Of Mice and Men Chapter 5

What happened to Lennie’s puppy Lennie killed it by snapping its neck because he thought the puppy was going to bite him
What was Lennie’s reaction He is mad at the puppy because it died and he throws the puppy at the wall
Why s Lennie angry at the puppy because he thinks George won’t let him tend the rabbits
Why did Curley’s wife come to see Lennie she was lonely
When Lennie does not want to talk to Curley’s wife, how does she react she gets annoyed and starts telling her story
What did she tell Lennie and what does she ask Lennie to do? She tells Lennie that she doesn’t really like Curley and she asks him to touch her hair
Why does Lennie kill Curley’s wife and how does he kill her Lennie grabs on to her hair too tight and she started scream and ending up snapping her neck
What was George’s reaction whn he found out about Curley’s wife’s death He knows lennie killed her and he is scared for him
What was Curley’s reaction to his wife’s death Curley was furious
Whom does Curley blame for the murder of his wife? and Why is he so angry at what has happened? Curley blames Lennie and he is also extremely angry at Lennie because he broke Curley’s hand
Why does George leave and then return He doesn’t want any of the men to think that he had anything to do with the murder of Curley’s wife
Who does Carlson think has stolen his Luger pistol? Lennie
What is Lennie’s dream and does he have high hopes to tend to the rabbits and own a farm with George and he has high hopes about the dream
Why won’t the dream come true Lennie might be in danger with Curley because he killed his wife
What is Crooks dream and does he have hopes for him to be equal to the other ranch hands and he has no hopes about the dream
Why won’t the dream come true because he is a different raise
What is Candy’s dream and does he has high hopes to own the farm with George and Lennie and he has high hopes about the dream
Why won’t the dream come true they might not have enough money, he only has 1 hand or Lennie might mess- up the opportunity
Why did George decides that he and Lennie should arrive at the ranch a day late they wouldn’t have to work until lunch
Why does George lets Candy in on their dream of buying a piece of land Because Candy over hears him talking and offers to help financially
Why does Curley’s wife think she should be a movie star she is pretty and someone told her she could be a movie star/actress
Why does Lennie know to hide in the brush because he knows he has done something bad
What happens when Candy sees Curley’s wife dead, he knows Lennie had done it he knows Lennie has done it because he has seen Lennie’s strength when he fought Curley
When Lennie escapes, Carlson thinks Lennie is armed he thinks that Lennie stole his luger but George actually stole it
Why does George think this : After seeing Curley’s wife dead, he knows that their dream of “living off the fatta of the land” will never materialize George knows that Lennie has to be taken care of
Is Slims dream realistic yes
Does Curley have any hopes about a dream no
Does Curley’s wife have high hopes about her dream yes
Is Georges dream realistic yes
What is Curley’s wife’s dream she wants to become a star
How did george react to Curley’s wife’s death surprised
Why did Candy start crying because of the loss of his dream (owning a ranch with george and lennie)
When George told slim that they could just bring Lennie back and put him in jail, instead of getting murdered what did he call Curley he called Curley ” two-bit-no-good-son-of-a-ranch-boss
How did George trick Carlson and Curley he told them that Lennie escaped and went South
Who’s gun did Carlson take after his was stolen Crooks’s
Where does Curley tell Whit to go he should go to Soledad and get the deputy sheriff
Slim said that Curley should stay with his dead wife… What does Curley reply he says that he will not stay with his wife and he wants to shoot Lennie himself
Why did George join the “Hunting party” to find Lennie he didn’t want the other men to think he had anything to do with murder
What will Curley do when he finds out what Lennie has done he will torture and kill lennie when he finds him
When candy asks george if they are still going to get their own farm what does george reply he says he never believed that they would be able to buy a farm but he tried to believe because Lennie liked to hear about it
Where does Curley say he is going to shoot Lennie in the gut
After candy and slim said that they never thought of Lennie doing anything like this what is George’s response he says that Lennie probably didn’t mean to and he didn’t kill her out of meanness

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