Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 Test

He’s the only African American on the ranch. Curley’s wife is lonely because she’s the only woman on the ranch. Candy is lonely because of his age. Why is Crooks so lonely?
Lennie went to see his puppy and sees his light on. Crooks thinks Lennie doesn’t belong in the barn. Why does Lennie wander into Crooks’s room? What is Crooks initial reaction to the intrusion?
Crooks tells Lennie that he is nuts. He says he’s seen hundreds of hands come and go with the same dream of having a piece of land, and none of them ever actually did get any land. Lennie tells Crooks about the land. What is his reply at first?
He wants to join the men on the land and will work for free, for just being able to live there. What does Crooks want when he believes there might really be land?
She laughs, knowing the ranch hands will never settle down anywhere. She told Lennie that if all he wants is rabbits, maybe she will get some rabbits. What is Curley’s wife’s reaction to the dream of the farm with rabbits?
She was going to string him up in a tree. She wants to get him framed. What does Curley’s wife threaten to do to Crooks?
He backs off. How does Crooks react to her threats?
He’s afraid because he would get hung. Why do you think he reacted in this way?
He realized that the dream could never come true for him. He was a negro who had just been put in his place by a white woman, and this fact brought back the harsh reality of his life. Why did Crooks change his mind about the farm after Curley’s wife left?

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