Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 Study questions – Nick D

The books Crooks owns a dictionary, some dirty magazines, and a copy of the California Civil Code for 1905
Describe Crooks Black stable hand. Crooked spine. Aloof/ keeps distance/expects others to also.
How Crooks reacts when Lennie comes to visit Crooks gets upset at first, and then becomes more friendly.
The reason Lennie comes to the barn Lennie wants to see his puppy. Goes to Crooks’ room because he sees the light on. George and others are at strip club
Where George went into town (Ms. Suzie’s ***** house – the clean one with nice girls)
What we learn about Crooks’ family They are from California and used to own a chicken ranch. All of his friends were white
What Lennie tells Crooks about that he probably should not have The ranch that Lennie, George, and Candy are going to buy
Crooks’ opinion about the ranch Lennie, George, and Candy are going to buy Crooks doesn’t believe that any of the workers ever really buy any land
What Candy wanted to talk to Lennie about A plan to make money off of Lennie’s rabbits
This person visits Crooks, Lennie, and Candy Curley’s wife
What is Curley’s wife’s name? Author doesn’t give her one
What we learn about Curley’s wife Curley’s wife says that she could have been in the “pitchers” or “went with the shows” (could have been an actress)
What Curley’s wife notices about Lennie and what does that indicate? Lennie has bruises on his face. She knows that Curley tried to pick on him and she broke his hand.
What does Curley’s wife call Lennie after she figures out he broke Curley’s hand? “Machine” — he is the machine that broke Curley’s hand.
What does Curley’s wife tell Lennie she is going to get? Rabbits — (foreshadowing — she is going to try to lure Lennie)
What do Crooks, Carlson and Curley’s wife all have in common? They are all lonely
How does Crooks scare Lennie? He keeps asking Lennie what would happen if George didn’t come back… At first just being mean, but then trying to make Lennie understand what it would be like to be lonely like him
Does Lennie understand racism? And how do we know this? No — He doesn’t understand why Crooks lives alone in stable.
The last thing Crooks says to Candy (find the quote and write it down) Crooks says that he was just kidding and that he really wouldn’t want to “go no place like that.”
Name four themes of the story Friendship, Loneliness, Segregation, Dreams

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