Of Mice and Men Chapter 4

1. What are two books that Crooks owns? dictionary and California civil code for 1905
2. How does Crooks react to Lennie when he comes to visit? confused, angry, doesn’t want him in his room
3. For what reason did Lennie come to the barn? he saw a light on and George was gone
4. Where is George? ***** house
5. What do we learn about Crooks family? born in Cali, used to play w/ white kids, his dad had a chicken ranch
6. What does Lennie tell Crooks, even though he probably shouldn’t have? he’s going to have rabbits and buy a piece of land
9. Where is George’s money going, according to Crooks. thinks all men want to buy land but it never happens bc they spend it on ***** houses or black jack game
8. About what did Candy want to talk to Lennie? about the rabbits and saying they can make money off of them
7. What is Crook’s opinion of George and Lennie desire to get land? thinks they will stay a couple of weeks and then move onto the next job
10. Who visits Crooks, Candy, and Lennie? Curley’s wife
11. What do we learn about Curley’s wife? she knows that Curley is at a ***** house, she doesn’t like him bc he complains too much, wants to know what happened to Curley’s hand
12. Before Curley’s wife leaves, what does she notice about Lennie? his face is bloody and messed up
13. What does Curley’s wife say she could have done to Crooks? she can get him “strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny”
14. What is the last thing Crooks says to Candy? “yes ma’am

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