of mice and men chapter 4

what are the two books crooks owns? a dictionary and a copy of the california civil code of 1905
how does crooks react to lennie when he comes to visit? first crooks gets upset but then becomes more friendly after knowing that lennie doesnt treat him different
why does lennie come to the barn? to see his puppys
where is george? in town
what do we learn about crooks family? theyre from california and used to own a chicken ranch
what does lennie tell crooks that he probably shouldnt have? that him george and candy are going to buy a ranch
what is crooks opinion of george and lennie desire to get land? he doesnt believe that of the workers ever buy any land
about what did candy want to talk to lennie? a plan to make money off of lennies rabbits
according to crooks where is georges money going? towards drinks and girls
who visits candy lennie and crooks? curleys wife
what do we learn about curleys wife? that she could have been in “pitchers”or went with the “shows”
before curleys wife leaves what does she notice about lennie? bruises on his face
what does curleys wife say she could have done to crooks? stung him up a tree and get him fired
what is the last thing crooks says to candy? he was just kidding and that he really wouldnt want to go no place like that
what does curleys wife mean by “baloney!”? its a lie
say two things crooks has in his barn? a pile of poop and magazines
what does crooks rub on his back?especific medecine liniment
what are two repetitions? go hide in the brush-george ,and i still get to tend the rabbits-lennie

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