Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 Questions

Why does George say Lennie will want to sleep in the barn that Friday night? George says Lennie will want to sleep with the puppy Slim has said Lennie can have when it is weaned.
According to George, how did he end up traveling with Lennie? George says that he and Lennie are both from Auburn and that he knew Lennie’s Aunt Clara who raised him. He says that when Aunt Clara died, Lennie had just come along with him to work.
What happened that made George stop playing dirty tricks on Lennie? The last time George played a trick on Lennie, he told Lennie to jump into a river and Lennie did even though he did not know how to swim. George jumped in to save him and he almost drowned. Lennie was thankful to George for getting him out instead of agry for telling him to jump in.
Why did George and Lennie have to flee from Weed? Lennie tried to feel a girl’s dress because he likes to feel soft things and she thought he was attacking her.
Who makes the final decision on whether or not Candy’s old dog should be shot? Carlson kept pressuring Candy into letting him put the dog out of his misery.
What is significant about the letter Whit reads from the Western magazine? Slim read, “‘Yours for success, William Tenner.'” He glanced up at Whit again. “What you want me to read that for?”Whit closed the magazine impressively. “Don’t you remember Bill Tenner? Worked here about three months ago?”It was written by by a former ranch hand they had known!
Why does George agree to let Candy come with them to their dream farm? Because Candy has money and will help pay.
Why does Curley attack Lennie in the bunk house? Curley attacks Lennie because he assumes that Lennie is smiling at him. Curley thinks that Lennie is enjoying the insults made at Curley’s expense. The insults are about the hand that Curley keeps soft for his wife, the “Glove fulla vaseline” as Candy taunts.This is why Curley gives Lennie a bloody nose and hurts his stomach area.
Why does Curley agree not to get Lennie fired for crushing his hand? So that he can avoid the embarrassment that he was beaten by Lennie. Slim is the one who warns Curley that if he gets George and Lennie canned everybody will find out about his loss and he will be the laughing stock of the area.
What punishment does Lennie fear he will get for hurting Curley? That he will not get to tend the rabbits that George said he would on their dream farm if he acts good
Why is the shooting of Candy’s dog a metaphor? The shooting of Candy’s dog draws a parallel between the old swamper (Candy) and George and Lennie. Indeed, Candy and his dog come off as an “old timer” version of the younger duo. Just as Lennie is an incredible worker, so too Candy’s dog was once “the best damn sheep dog I ever saw” (49). And just as the other men cannot understand the bond that keeps an apparently hale and clever man like George yoked to the burdensome, infantile Lennie, so too the men cannot understand Candy’s sentimental companionship with his now-decrepit and stinking dog.
What is the significance of playing solitaire in the bunkhouse? Solitaire (a game played by a single player-solitary) shows the theme of loneliness. Many of the ranch hands are lonely. George, Lennie, and Candy are the loneliest ones we have met so far.
Why is Lennie’s crushing Curley’s hand significant? We’ve already seen how Curley’s hand is associated with his sexuality – he keeps one hand soft for his wife. Thus the injury he sustains resonates with his (already uneasy) sense of sexual prowess. Lennie has, metaphorically at least, crushed more than the man’s hand – he has also crushed his very manhood.

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