Of Mice and Men chapter 3

What does Slim find “funny” about George and Lennie’s relationship? How doesGeorge explain his relationship with Lennie? George promised Lennys and Clara that he would take care of him.
Why did George stop teasing Lennie? What does this tell you about George’sCharacter? Lennie would do anything that George would tell him to do until one day George told lennie to jump in the water when he didn’t know how to swim, this tells you that George cares for Lennie.
Why do you think the girl in Weed claimed that Lennie tried to rape her? Most likely, she thought that because Lennie wanted to pet her dress, he was going to hurt her.
Why do you think George tells Slim the story of what happened to them in Weed? George trusts Slim. Also, it helps George make a connection with someone other than Lennie and helps Slim understand that Lennie may be a big guy, but doesn’t have bad intentions.
Why doesn’t George want Lennie to sleep with the puppy in his bed? He thinks that he might kill the puppy.
How do the men like to spend their money and free time on the weekends? They spend their money and free time by visiting cat houses, drinking, and playing cards.
Describe the offer Candy makes to George. What is George’s first reaction? Whatdoes he then decide? What changes his mind? George immediately assumes Candy is making fun of them when he offers to help pay for the farm. George changes his mind because he realizes they could use the money and it would help make their dreams come true.
How did Candy get $250? Candy hurt his hand during a work accident and was paid for it.
Why is Lennie smiling when Curley comes in? He is still thinking about the possibility of having a farm and getting to tend the rabbits.
Why does Candy regret not shooting his dog himself? It was his own dog – he says he should have done it himself.
What happens as a result of Curley’s attack on Lennie? Lennie crushes Curley’s hand.
What does Slim make Curley agree to? Why does he make Curley do this? Whatdoes this tell you about Slim’s character? He makes him agree to tell people that his hand was crushed in a machine. He doesn’t want Lennie to get into trouble, especially since it was Curley who started the fight. Slim is clearly an honorable man who seeks to do the right thing.
How is Candy like his dog? Why is the shooting of Candy’s dog so difficult on Candy? He is old and seen as useless and expendable. The death of his dog is hard for Candy because he probably sees it as symbolic of them getting rid of him, since he is also old and useless.

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