Of Mice and Men Chapter 3

What does Slim say he would have done to the dog if he hadn’t given it to Lennie Killed them
2. What does Slim say he finds funny That George and Lennie travel together.
3. George says if he were really smart he would be doing what Own his own land and not work like a dog for someone else to profit
4. What is the story behind why Lennie and George travel together George knew Lennie from the time they were kids and when Lennie’s Aunt Clara died, George promised he’d look after him.
5. What can the reader infer about Lennie’s childhood and family life Aunt Clara took good care of him, but he struggled with his peer groups which made fun of him and played tricks on him.
6. What did George do once that made him stop playing jokes on Lennie He told Lennie to jump into a lake, and Lennie couldn’t swim, but he did it anyway and almost drowned
7. What card game does George play Solitaire
8. What does George tell Slim happened in Weed Lennie tried to pet a girl’s dress because he thought it was soft; she screamed, so he grabbed her dress harder; when she got away, she claimed Lennie raped her.
9. What sneaky thing does Lennie try to do Bring his puppy from Slim into the bunkhouse
10. What game has the other guys been playing while George and Slim talk Horseshoes
11. What is Carlson’s problem and what does he tell Candy to do He doesn’t like Candy’s dog because he smells bad and is too old to do anyone any good; he tells Candy to shoot the dog.
12. What reason’s does Carlson give for wanting Candy’s dog shot The dog smells bad; has no teeth; can barely walk; can’t do Candy any good; can’t do itself any good
13. What does Whit show Slim A magazine with a letter published in it from a former ranch hand
14. What does Carlson say he has a Luger—a pistol
15. What does Slim tell Carlson to take with him when goes to shoot Candy’s dog Why? A shovel to bury the dog.
16. Whit says that George and Lennie must have come to work. What reason does he give Because they came on Friday and have to work all day Saturday before they get their day off on Sunday and the three free meals that come on their day off.
17. What does Whit invite George to do “tomorrow” night Go to town to Susy’s brothel
18. Why don’t the guys visit Clara’s house instead of Susy’s Because Susy’s is “cleaner” and cheaper; Susy tells good jokes and doesn’t mind if the guys just want to buy a shot and not have a “flop” with a prostitute
19. Why does George say he will go and get a drink but that he isn’t going to pay for a flop Because he doesn’t want to spend his money on girls when he and Lennie are saving up for their ranch.
20. What is Curley looking for His wife; Slim; a fight…
21. What does Curley think Slim is doing Messing with his wife
22. What is Slim really doing in the barn He’s tarring a mule’s hoof
23. Who has been listening to and finally interrupts George and Lennie’s conversation about the ranch Candy
24. For what reason would the people sell the ranch for only $600 Because the old lady needs an operation and the couple is broke.
25. How did Candy get $250 As compensation for losing his right hand.
26. What is George afraid will happen to them if others find out they are going to buy a ranch They will try to get them all fired because no one wants to see some guys get their dreams.
27. What does Candy tell George he wishes he had done Shot his own dog
28. Why was Lennie smiling when Curly comes back in He’s thinking about the ranch and the rabbits
29. About what does Curley think Lennie smiling about He thinks Lennie’s laughing at him because of Carlson saying he would kick Curley’s head in.
30. What happens between Curley and Lennie They fight; Curley starts out by punching Lennie’s face, but then Lennie crushes every bone in Curley’s hand.

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