Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Abruptly Part of speech: adverb Definition: suddendly, almost rudley Synonym: rude Antonym: nice manner Sentence: The student abruptly answered the question before being called on.
Apprehensive Part of speech: adjective Definition:anxious, fearful Synonym: scared Antonym: confident Sentence: The apprehensive boy began to walk home slowly, and carefully.
Bale Part of speech: nounDefinition: A large bundle of something that has been compressed and tied together.Synonym: gathered upAntonym: out of place Sentence: She carried a bag full of many things forced into one place like a bale.
Bridled Part of speech: verbDefinition: to pull ones head back in anger or pride.Synonym: forcefully Antonym: soft Sentence: The man bridled the homeless man which led to a fight.
Bristled Part of speech: adjective Definition: stiff and pricklySynonym: stiffAntonym: flexible Sentence: It seemed that the bristled player was slow because she didn’t stretch.
Burlap Part of speech: nounDefinition: a coarse, inexpensive, woven fabric Synonym: inexpensive Antonym: Sentence:
Cesspool Part of speech: nounDefinition: a deep hole in the ground into which sewage from sinks Synonym: sumpAntonym: n/aSentence: The city’s cesspool was a place where no one wanted to be in.
Complacently Part of speech adjective Definition: in a pleased, satisfied mannerSynonym: happyAntonym: unhappy Sentence: His face showed a complacent look after winning the game.
Derogatory Part of speech: adjective Definition: belittling and insultingSynonym: sarcastic Antonym: compliment Sentence: His derogatory answer to the question got him detention.
Dousing Part of speech: noun Definition: to be drenched with liquidSynonym: drown Antonym: drySentence: The man received his dousing of Gatorade after winning the game.
Gingerly Part of speech: adjective Definition: in a careful, cautious waySynonym: cautious Antonym: careless Sentence: We removed the hat off the sleeping man in a gingerly manner.
Graybacks Part of speech: nounDefinition: lice Synonym: n/aAntonym: n/aSentence: Every single kindergarten student had Graybacks in their hair.
Grizzled Part of speech: adjective Definition: graySynonym: gray Antonym: n/aSentence: The car was old, and grizzled since it was made 10 years ago.
Hatchet face Part of speech: nounDefinition: a lean, sharp faceSynonym: sharp Antonym: smirk Sentence: The principle showed her hatchet face while the students were yelling.
Heavy-laden Part of speech: adjective Definition: heavily loadedSynonym: loaded Antonym: n/aSentence: The heavy-laden truck crashed after traveling for two hours.
Jerk line skinner Part of speech: nounDefinition: the maindriver of a mule team who handles the jerkline (reins)Synonym: n/aAntonym: n/aSentence: The jerkline skinner drove the team successfully all night.
Lashed Part of speech: verbDefinition: swung around quicklySynonym: swing Antonym: throw Sentence: They lashed the bags into the car at a fast paste.
Light weight Part of speech: nounDefinition: a boxer who weighs between 127 – 135 poundsSynonym: light Antonym: heavy Sentence: The light weight ended up loosing the match.
Liniment Part of speech: nounDefinition: a medicated liquid rubbed on the skin to ease sore muscles and sprainsSynonym: cream Antonym: n/aSentence: She used liniment often to help heal her core muscles
Mollified Part of speech: adjective Definition: soothed, pacified Synonym: calmAntonym: upset Sentence: Trying to mollify her pain seemed impossible .
Mules Part of speech: noun Definition: a type of shoe or slipper than does not cover the healSynonym: shoe Antonym: n/a Sentence: The woman’s mules caused her to break her foot.
Ominously Part of speech: adjective Definition: in a threatening waySynonym: sinister Antonym: joyfulSentence: After watching the scary movie, he was in an ominous mood for the whole week.
Peered Part of Speech: verb Definition: to look closely or squint at something to see it more clearlySynonym: squintAntonym: clearly Sentence: He couldn’t understand the writing on the paper so we peered hoping to understand.
Precede Part of speech: verbDefinition: go before or ahead ofSynonym: anticipate Antonym: end Sentence: He knew how to precede the contact while on the field.
Pugacious Part of speech: adjective Definition: eager and ready to fightSynonym: aggressive Antonym: kind Sentence: The Pugacious man ended up winning the fight
Scourges Part of speech: nounDefinition: is anything that inflicts discomfort or suffering; in this case, any variety of insects and pestsSynonym: pestAntonym: reward Sentence: The scourges were all around the room.
Scowled Part of speech: verbDefinition: is an angry look achieved by frowning and scrunching the eyebrows togetherSynonym: glareAntonym: grimSentence: She scowled the class until it became quiet
Skeptically Part of speech: adjective Definition: doubt or question somethingSynonym: suspiciously Antonym: n/aSentence: They seemed to be skeptical about the idea of living in their new home.
Slough Part of speech: verb Definition: to get rid ofSynonym: remove Antonym: keepSentence: The family decided to slough the shoes that they didn’t use.
Squirmed Part of speech: verb Definition: twisted and turned; wriggledSynonym: shift Antonym: straighten Sentence: She squirmed the piece of paper instead of ripping it.
Stocky Part of speech: adjective Definition: heavily and solidly builtSynonym: chunkyAntonym: skinny Sentence: The stocky marshmallows tasted more savory.
Swamper Part of speech: nounDefinition: a handyman; someone who performs odd jobs often involving cleaningSynonym: overseer Antonym: n/aSentence: The swamped went home early after cleaning all the rooms.
Tart Part of speech: nounDefinition: woman of loose morals; one who is prone to be sexually unfaithfulSynonym: unfaithful Antonym: faithfulSentence: Her friend was called a tart because of how many close boy friends she had.
Ticking Part of speech: nounDefinition: the cloth case for a mattressSynonym: cloth Antonym: n/aSentence: The ticking cloth was made of burlap.
Tramp Part of speech: nounDefinition: is a woman of loose morals who is sexually promiscuousSynonym: beggar Antonym: n/aSentence: She was known as a tramp in her teenage years because of the amount of dates she would go on.
Vials: Part of speech: nounDefinition: small bottles Synonym: bottle Antonym: n/aSentence: The vials surrounded the room, created a terrible odor.
Viciously Part of speech: adjective Definition: cruelly; in a mean waySynonym: brutally Antonym: mercy Sentence: The king viciously excited the traitor.

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