Of Mice and Men – Chapter 2 quotes

Give a summary of chapter 2 -George and Lennie go to the new ranch bunkhouse and meet the old man candy and his ancient dog-they meet the boss and his son, curley who is mean and threatened by lennie-curley’s wife also meets them but she is described as a flirt towards other men-they then meet Slim, the jerkline skinner who talks about new puppies at the ranch
-quotes which describe the bunk house -‘there were small, square windows’ (hints at low dim lighting creating a dark atmosphere)-‘two shelves for the personal belongings’ (the ranch is harsh and unhomely, they use any opportunity to bring familiarity and normality into the space)
-quotes showing George and Lennie friendship -‘Immediately Lennie got up and did the same with his bed’ (he mimics George and looks up to him)-‘George scowled meaningfully at Lennie’ (He is like a parent telling his child off)-‘Lennie was looking helplessly to George for instruction’
-quotes which show Lennie as an innocent childish character -‘he watched George with open mouth’
-quotes which show prejudice towards Crooks -he is only ever referred to as ‘nigge’, he has no name to them e.g ‘They let the nigge’ come in that night’ -‘He reads a lot. Got books in his room’ (there is almost an element of surprise that he is educated)-‘the nigg*r’s got a crooked back’ ‘He paused in relish of the memory’ (it is a strange memory to enjoy which shows how his disability is made fun of)
-quotes on Curley’s wife/foreshadowing -only referred to as ‘tart’, ‘tramp’, ‘purty’, ‘jail bait’, ‘rattrap’, ‘bitch’-her description is full of the colour red: ‘fingernails were red’, ‘dress and red mules’, ‘red ostrich feathers’ (red has connotations of danger which could foreshadow events to come)-‘her body was thrown forward’ (flirty behaviour)-‘her hair hung is little rolled clusters, like sausages’ (she is objectified and seen for pleasure)
-quotes on Curley and the boss -‘He wore high-heeled boots and spurs to prove he was not a laboring man’ (the boss must distinguish his rank and show his status)-‘His glance was at once calculating and pugnacious’ (curley is aggressive and wants to find Lennie)
-quotes on Slim -‘he moved with a majesty only achieved by royalty’ ‘prince of the ranch’ (reference to royalty shows the status and authority he has)-‘his authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject’-‘his voice was very gentle’ (this tells the reader he is a good kind guy)
-quotes on Candy and his dog -only referred to as ‘the old man’ -‘with pale, blind old eyes. The dog struggled lamely’ (tricolon describes the dog but emulates Candy within the description as if the dog is a symbol of his owner) -‘get Candy to shoot his old dog’ (the men have no compassion and understanding of companionship)
-quotes on isolation -the boss ‘You takin’ his pay away from him?’ (the boss can’t understand that they are just purely friends which shows the loneliness and lack of friends which is usually found at ranches)-‘A guy on a ranch don’t never listen nor he don’t ask no questions’ (no effort is made to make friends, it is an independent job)-‘Ain’t many guys travel around together’

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