Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Quiz

Where do the ranch hands keep their personal belongings such as soap, razors and magazines? Each ranch hand keeps his personal items in an apple box nailed over his bunk to keep their personal belongings in.
Candy, the swamper who shows George and Lennie to their bunks, is missing what limb? a hand
What evidence does the old swamper give that the ranch boss is a “pretty nice fella”? Candy says that the boss brought a whole gallon of whisky to the men in the bunkhouse for Christmas.
What evidence is there that the boss is not a working man? The boss wears high-heeled boots and spurs.
According to the old swamper, Candy what is Curley good at? Candy says that Curley is good at boxing.
According to the old swamper, why does Curley wear a work glove on his left hand? Curley wears a work glove full of Vaseline to keep his hands soft for this new life.
What is the general attitude toward Curley’s wife? The men think she is flirting with them. Candy calls her a tart; George calls her a tramp. Lennie thinks she is pretty. The men consider her dangerous because her attention might cause them to get fired, or worse.
Describe Slim, the jerkline skinner. Slim is a master craftsman. He is an expert with the mules and his authority is respected more than anyone else’s on the ranch.
Why does Carlson suggest shooting Candy’s dog? Carlson suggests shooting Candy’s dog because it is so old and it stinks.
What is the understood question that Lennie wants George to ask Slim? Lennie wants George to ask Slim if Lennie can have one of the puppies Slim’s dog has just delivered.
Describe Curley’s wife? She is the only female in the story, and Curley’s wife. She flirts with the men. She is deeply lonely who has dreams of her won.

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