Of Mice and Men chapter 2

How does the boss react to Lennie’s silence? The boss gets irritated because Lennie isn’t speaking up for himself and he thinks George is using Lennie to get his money.
Why does the boss find George and Lennie’s relationship unusual? The boss finds George and Lennie’s relationship unusual because most men weren’t as close as George and Lennie. They had a brotherly relationship.
What is George’s fear at this point in the novel? George fears that Lennie will make them loose their job and will do something similar to what happened in Weed.
What uneasy feeling does George have about Curley’s wife? George feels like Curley’s wife is very flirtatious because she is always trying to be around the men. George doesn’t want Curley’s wife to get them in trouble with the boss who is already not fond of him.
When Lennie question George about telling the boss Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse George says, “Be a d good thing if you was… Save every body a heck of a lot of trouble.” What does this mean? When George says the quote he means that it would be an easier explanation than having to explain Lennie’s mental illness. People with mental illnesses weren’t treated well during the 1930’s.
Describe Candy’s connection to his dog. How is Candy’s relationship with his dog reflective of George’s relationship with Lennie? Candy and his dog are very close, and have been together ever since the dog was born. Candy’s relationship with his dog reflects George and Lennie’s relationship because both the dog and Candy, and Lennie and George have been best friends for a really long time. Candy’s dog and Lennie both get shot by the same gun and in the same place.

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