Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Questions

Describe the setting of chapter one. beautiful, natural, calm and peaceful place
List words that describe Lennie. What animal is he compared to? large, confused, obedient, loyal, helpless, childlike. He is describe
List words that describe George. What animal could he be compared to? dark, small, quick, ambitious, intelligent, thin, commanding, (maybe sometimes resentful). George could be compared to a raccoon.
What things does Lennie say and do that make him seem like a child? How would you estimate Lennie’s “mental” age? Lennie is like a child in that he constantly talks with slightly bad grammar, and exaggerates. He is either super happy or pouting. He behaves like a five or six-year-old.
Why did George and Lennie need to leave the town of Weed so quickly? Lennie, in an apparently harmless and childish way, wanted to pet a girl, and so he held her tight and pet her dress. This frightened the girl, especially when Lennie wouldn’t let her go, so they were run out of town
Does George really want Lennie to go away? Why or why not? He treats Lennie like a little brother. He may say he wants Lennie to go away, but when Lennie offers to leave George is upset by the idea. George likes Lennie, and though Lennie makes his life harder,Lennie is always present in George’s visions of the future.
What is the dream that Lennie begs George to repeat to him? What does Lennie mean by the phrase “live off the fatta the lan’?” The dream To make a living from working the land/farming.
Near the end of the chapter, what are two things George wants Lennie to remember? Not to say a word to the farmer during the interview and where to hide if he gets in trouble.

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