Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 and 2

lennie small’s description big, childlike, pale eyes
george milton’s desription short, darker, quick
george’s first complaint to lennie to not drink the water
what trouble did george and lennie have in weed lennie was touching a girls dress, she tried to get away and it riped
what is in lennies pocket and why does he have it a dead mouse, he likes to pet soft things
what would george do if he was alone get a job, get money to do things he wants to, fo to a cat hoouse, find a girl
what is georges response to lennie living in a cave your aunt wouldn’t like it, you couldn’t handle being on your own
why are george and lennie different the the guys that work on the ranch they have each other
what are george and lennie going to do someday they are going to have a ranch with a house, vegetable patch, animals
what two things does george want lennie to remember do not talk when they meet the boss, if he gets in trouble to come to the pool in the woods
why did george want to camp overnight instead of going another quarter of a mile to the ranch it was getting dark out, he liked the spot, he weanted to look at the stars
what does george answer when the boss askes what is he trying to put over lennie isn’t the smartest, he is a good worker
idenitfy and describe curley thin, brown faced, brown eyes, curley hair, high-heel boots
explain what the swamper said seems like curley aint givin nobody a chance curley jumps on everyone before getting to know them
what advice does george give lennie after curley and the swamper leave to stay away from curley, to hide if he comes inside
identify slim tall, ageless, expert at his job
idenify carlson powerful, big stomached man
what does slim have that lennie wants a puppy

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