Of Mice and Men Chapter 1

bindle a bundle, as of bedding, carried by a hobo
jack money
morosely gloomy or in a bad mood
pantomime a dramatic entertainment in which performers express meaning through gestures accompanied by music.
droned to speak in a dull monotonous tone
contemplated to think
Soledad a coastal California city about 130 miles south of San Francisco
Salinas River a river that flows through Soledad and into Monterey Bay
Weed a northern California mining town
“watchin’ that blackboard” employment agencies would post available jobs on a blackboard in front of their offices. Prospective employees would watch the blackboard or any new jobs.
work cards a job assignment from an employment agency would be written on a work card to be presented by the worker to the employer.
imply to strongly suggest the truth or or existence of something
infer to conclude from evidence and reasoning
exposition a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory
setting the place where the events/story takes place
point of view the position from which the story is being told
The Story’s Setting South of Soledad California
The Point of View of the Story 3rd person omniscient
Where did the bus drop the two men off? 2 miles from the ranch near Salinas River.
How is George described? short, small, slim, and a working man.
How is Lennie described? He is big with broad shoulders, walks like a bear, and has no arm movement when he walks.
What does Lennie do with the water that makes him proud of himself? He creates ripples across the water.
What does Lennie not have in his pocket? His bus ticket and work card.
Why does Lennie not have it in his pocket? George took it so Lennie wouldn’t lose it.
What does Lennie take out of his pocket that gets him yelled at for by George? A dead mouse.
What did Lennie want to do with this item? He wanted to pet it in his pocket.
Where are George and Lennie going? A ranch to work.
From where are George and Lennie coming? From Weed California.
When they get to where they are going, what does George tell Lennie to do? He tells him to not say a word.
Why did George and Lennie leave the last place they were at? Lennie got into trouble inadvertently scaring/hurting a girl because he just wanted to feel her dress.
When Lennie goes out to get wood for a fire, what does he bring back that George takes away? He brings back a dead mouse.
Who used to give Lennie mice? His aunt Clara.
Why did she stop giving Lennie mice? He would accidentally kill them.
What does Lennie want with his dinner that they don’t have? Ketchup
What does George imply happened in Weed with the girl? She ran off screaming because Lennie grabbed her dress because it was pretty and he wanted to feel it which caused them to have to leave town. He didn’t mean to hurt her.
What dream does George and Lennie share? They want to have their own ranch with a vegetable patch, a rabbit hutch, and chickens.
Where does George tell Lennie to go if he gets in trouble? Back to the brush by the river.

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