Of mice and men ch 3-4

Identify crooks Crooks is the negro stable buck. He is a proud, aloof man. He kept his distance and demanded to keep theirs.
Describe crooks living arrangements. Why are they different? Crooks possessed several things. He is very organized and clean. He’s different bc he’s more permanent
What does crooks say about the bunkhouse and the men who live in it? He says he’s segregated from the other men because he’s black and so he’s lonley. The bunkhouse is for men like him, negros.
How does crooks fill his loneliness? Reads a lot and works a lot
Lennie tells crooks about the land. What is his reply at first. That he is nuts and that every other man’s dream is crushed
What does crooks want when he believes there might be a land? He wants to work for free and just live there with the men
Why did Curleys wife come to the barn She was looking for Curley and she wanted company
What cruel and unjust thing does Curleys wife and crooks with? How does this make you feel about her She threatens to hang him on the tree
What candy the confidence to argue with Curleys wife Candies dream of the future gives him the courage he didn’t have
How does she feel about Curleys injury? What does Curleys wife figure out? She thought that he deserved it, she would’ve done it herself. She figured out that it was lennie who crushed his hand
What does Clarson do with his gun and why? Clarson shoots candies old dog because the dog is old and cant work. He feels that he is putting me out of his misery
What will Lenny do when George and him will get the land Lenny will feed alfalfa to the rabbits
What this can do you want when he hears about George and Lennie’s plans?what is he willing to do? Kenny will cook, tend chickens, and tend the garden,. He is willingly to put in $350, leave everything in his will to them.
Describe Curleys and Lenny’s flight Curley attacks lennie and lennie doesnt what he is doing. George comes and says to get him. So lennie breaks curleys hand
Describe Curleys wife Curleys wife is a young, pretty woman who is Mr. stood by her husband

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