Of Mice and Men

Lennie Who is the big boy?
George Who is the smaller boy, with a bony nose?
He thinks it is not safe to drink Why does George not want to drink the water in Chapter 1?
A ranch to work on Where are George and Lennie headed at the beginning of the book?
A dead mouse What does Lennie have in his pocket?
Weed Where did George and Lennie used to work?
Lennie felt a girl’s soft dress, and she thought he was trying to rape her, so she told the men in charge that Lennie was trying to kill her, so L + G had to flee. Why did George and Lennie have to flee Weed?
To own their own land. Lennie would have rabbits, and they would work for themselves only. What is George and Lennie’s American dream?
Candy Who is, “the old man,” or “the swamper?”
The blacksmith who used to work on the Ranch that G + L come to. Who is Whitey?
As a nice man. How is the boss described?
He gave the workers beer on Christmas as a gift. Whatr is the proof that the boss is nice?
What materials do Lennie and Curley’s Wife both mention enjoying? Velvet and Silk
a pariscope The snake’s head is like a:
Both killed by a companion in the end out of love, for their own good How is Lennie similar to Candy?
Curley’s wife “Seems like it ain’t none of them cares how I gotta live.”
Carlson’s Who’s gun is used to shoot Lennie?
Right Which hand did Candy lose?
Not being able to achieve his American dream What is Candy’s greatest fear?
Mice What did Aunt Claire give Lennie?
Vaseline to keep it soft for his wife Curley’s glove is filled with what and why?
ancient Candy’s dog is:
A short time How long have Curley and his wife been engaged for?
George Milton George’s full name:
Lennie Small Lennie’s full name:
His Aunt Claire and A GIANT RABBIT Who does Lennie see at the end of the novel come out of his head?
The jerkline skinner What is Slim’s job?
He jokes that George is going to abandon Lennie What does Crooks joke with Lennie about?
When he told Lennie to jump in a freezing river, and Lennie did, and almost died, and George had to go save him When did George stop making fun of Lennie?
So that the boss will not hear Lennie’s voice and know that Lennie has a disability, and then not hire them Why does George say that Lennie should not talk at the beginning when they are looking for work?
California, South of Soledad Where is this novel set?
He has more money, because he does not have friends to go to the cat house with (and spend money at), like the other men. How has Crooks gained so much material items?
William Tenner What former worker get’s his work published in a magazine?
Co-dependant George and Lennie are:
A dead mouse What does Lennie like to pet that is in his pocket?
Carlson Who shoots Cnady’s dog?
Slim Who does not care about leaving the ranch, because he has a happy life on the ranch?
Slim’s Who’s puppy does Lennie get?
Solinas Where did Curley’s wife used to live?
He brought the men whisky on Christmas What shows that the boss is a nice man?
Hollywood Where does Curley’s wife want to live?
Lennie Who breaks Curley’s hand?
By the pool South of the ranch, by the brush, in the woods. Where is Lennie killed?
Work around the house What would Crooks do if he joined in on L/G/C’s american dream?
Because he has dark skin Why is Crooks discriminated agaisnt?
She is never given a name, showing that she has no identity. How is Curley’s wife discriminated against?

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