Of Mice and Men

According to the old man, why was the boss mad at George and Lennie They were’t there on time
What does George find in the ox by his bed and what does he assume He finds a can that gets rid of ticks and he assumed that the bed had bugs
Describe the stable buck. What physical attributes does he have? What does the boss use him for? The stable buck is a young black man that has a crooked back from being kicked by a horse. The boss takes his anger out on the stable buck.
describe the fight between the stable buck and Carlson They were all drinking whiskey on Christmas. They had fight between Carlson and the Stable Buck. Carlson wasn’t allowed to use his hands because the stable buck had a crooked back and he was black. The stable buck beat Carlson. Carlson was mad and said if he could’ve used his legs he would’ve beat him.
What is Lennie’s last name Small
What does the boss suspect George of doing to Lennie. What makes him think this? The boss thinks that George is taking Lennies money. That he is tricking him out of it. The boss thinks this because George always speaks for Lennie.
What reason does George give for taking care of Lennie He says that Lennie is his cousin and when Lennie’s Aunt died George told her he would take care of Lennie. He said Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse and it made him slow
What is George’s last name? Milton
What does the swamper tell George about Curley’s left hand he wears a glove of vaseline to make his hand soft and clean for his wife
Describe Curley’s wife She had full, roughed lips and wide spread eyes and wore a ton of makeup, she flirts with other men, not loyal. She’s a tart.
Who is Curley he is the boss’s son and he is a confrontational, mean-spirited, and aggressive young man who seeks to compensate for his small stature by picking fights with larger men. He is demanding, self-absorbed, paranoid about is wife, bully, obnoxious, oblivious, jealous, and overly confident
Why does Curley’s wife come into the bunk house She is looking for Curley
Describe Slim. What is his job on the ranch? What are some of his character traits? He is the head Skinner on the ranch. He is the leader of all the working men. He’s a tall man in his 30’s to 50’s
What did Slim do to 4 of his pups? Why? He killed 4 of his pups because the mother couldn’t feed all of them. There were too many puppies
What does Lennie want George to ask Slim if he can have one of the pups
What does Slim say he would have done to the dog if he hadn’t given it to Lennie He would have killed it.
What does Slim say he finds funny Slim thought that it was funny that George and Lennie traveled together
George says if he were really smart he would be doing what He would be living on his own ranch instead of working
What is the story behind why George and Lennie travel together They grew up with each other
What can the reader infer about Lennie’s childhood and family life That he didn’t have a good childhood
What did George do once that made him stop playing jokes on Lennie He told Lennie to jump off a cliff into a lake and he almost drowned because he couldn’t swim
What card game does George play solitare
What does George tell Slim happened in Weed He told him that Lennie wanted to touch a girls dress and she screamed. Lennie got scared and grabbed tighter on her dress. All the men in Weed thought that Lennie tried to rape her, so they were going to kill him. George and Lennie had to hide in a sewer until they could run out of town and not be seen
What sneaky thing does Lennie try to do He tries to sneak the puppy into the bunk house to sleep with him
What game has the other guys been playing while George and Slim talk Horseshoes
What is Carlson’s problem and what does he tell Candy to do? He was complaining about Candy’s dog stinking up the bunkhouse. He told Candy that he should shoot the old dog.
What reason’s does Carlson give for wanting Candy’s dog shot? The dog stinks, is crippled, blind, and can’t eat anymore. He told Candy to raise one of Slim’s new pups
What does Whit show Slim Whit shows Slim an magazine with a letter on the back who’s author was someone who had worked on the ranch with them.
What does Carlson say he has? A luger(gun)
What does Slim tell Carlson to take with him when he goes to shoot Candy’s dog? Why? Slim tells him to bring a shovel so he can bury the dog.
Whit says that George and Lennie must have come to work. What reason does he give? They came on a Friday instead of Saturday. Most people come on Saturday to work one day, get fed, then leave on Sunday night after dinner.
What does Whit invite George to do “tomorrow” night? To go to Susy’s
Why don’t the guys visit Clara’s house instead of Susy’s? Clara’s house and girls are dirty and overpriced.
Why does George say he will go and get a drink but that he isn’t going to pay for a flop? He wants to save his money for the ranch
What is Curley looking for? His wife.
What does Curley think Slim is doing? He thinks Slim is with his wife.
What is Slim really doing in the barn? Putting tar on a horse’s horseshoe(hoof)
Who has been listening and finally interrupts George and Lennie’s conversation about the ranch? Candy
For what reason would the people sell the ranch for only $600? The women needed an operation
How did Candy get $250? He’s been working there a long time and he lost his hand but still works.
What is George afraid will happen to them if others find out they are going to buy a ranch? He’s afraid the others will try an d get them fired
What does Candy tell George he wishes he would’ve done? He wishes he would’ve shot his dog instead of letting Carlson do it.
Why was Lennie Smiling? He was thinking about their ranch
About what does Curley think Lennie is smiling about? He thought Lennie was laughing at him because Slim yelled at him.
What happens between Curley and Lennie? Curley and Lennie get into a fight and Lennie Breaks Curley’s hand.
What are the 2 books Crooks owns? A Dictionary and a California Civil Code for 1905
How does Crooks react to Lennie when he comes to visit? He wants Lennie to leave.
For what reason did Lennie come to the barn? To see his pup
Where is George? he went into to town to go to Susy’s
What do we learn about Crook’s family? he was born in CA and his father owned a chicken ranch. He didn’t have a very good childhood.
What does Lennie tell Crooks, even though he probably shouldn’t have? the rabbit story and about their ranch
What is Crook’s opinion of George and Lennie’s desire to get land? He thinks they’re crazy and won’t get any land.
About what did Candy talk to Lennie? about the rabbits
Where is George’s money going, according to Crooks? to the women in Susy’s and whiskey
Who visits Crooks, Lennie and Candy? Curley’s wife
What do we learn about Curley’s wife She doesn’t believe the lies about how Curley broke his hand. She doesn’t like Curley and she’s mean to Crooks because he’s African American
Before Curley’s wife leaves, what does she notice about Lennie Lennie is embarrassed by her and stares at her.
What does Curley’s wife say she could have done to Crooks? She could frame him
What is the last thing Crooks says to Candy? He tells Candy that he doesn’t want to work on their ranch, to forget about what he said.
What day and time is it at the beginning of chapter 5 Sunday afternoon
What is Lennie doing in the barn by himself peting his dog while the others are playing horseshoes
Why does Lennie think that he might not get to tend to the rabbits? because he killed the pup
Who visits Lennie in the barn? Curley’s wife
According to Curley’s wife, why isn’t anyone going to leave the horseshoe tournament? There was a $4 bet
According to Curley’s wife, how come she didn’t get into show business? Her mother wouldn’t let her and stole a letter that was sent to her by a man in Hollywood.
What can we infer is the reason Curley’s wife married Curley? She wanted to get famous and get her picture taken from marrying him
What plan does Lennie have to avoid getting in trouble? To hide the pup and go into the brush
What did Lennie lose that he wishes he had now? His velvet square that his Aunt Clara gave him
For what does Curley’s wife yell at Lennie? For messing up her hair(touching it too roughly)
What did Lennie do to Curley’s wife? He killed her.
Who finds Curley’s wife? Candy
What does Candy hopefully ask George If they will still buy the ranch
What favor does George ask Candy? He asks Candy to wait to tell the others about Curley’s wife until he’s back in the bunkhouse
What does Carlson think happened to his luger He thinks Lennie stole it
Where is Lennie hiding? In the brush
With whom does Lennie have his first imaginary conversation? Aunt Clara
With whom/what does Lennie have his second imaginary conversation? A rabbit
What story does George tell Lennie The one about their ranch
What does George do while telling Lennie the story? He shoots Lennie
What personal information does Curley’s wife reveal to Lennie in the barn? She told Lennie about her life before she married Curley. She told him about how she wanted to become famous, but her mother stopped her. SHe explained how she only married Curley to try and get famous or get her picture taken. Curley’s wife said all this to Lennie because she never gets to talk to anyone and she Knows Lennie won’t tell anyone because he wasn’t listening to her.
Why does Curley’s wife get mad when Lennie tells her that George told said he shouldn’t talk to her? She was angry because she never gets to talk to anyone. She doesn’t like that everyone avoids her all the time.
Why does Curley’s wife offer to let Lennie stroke her hair? She offered because Lennie said he liked to touch soft things. She told him how her hair was really soft and wanted to prove it to him.
Why does Curley’s wife become afraid of Lennie as he is stroking her hair Lennie wouldn’t stop and he was tightening his grip on her hair. She knew what Lennie had done to Curley.
Why does Lennie kill Curley’s wife? He kills her because she started freaking out which makes him freak out, which makes him grip on to her hair tight which makes her start screaming and then lennie covers her mouth and tells her to please be quiet and she doesnt, and she squirmed just enough and he shook her just enough to be quiet till finally he finnally broke her neck.
Why does Lennie leave Curley’s wife’s body in the barn, but takes the puppy with him when he leaves to go to the river? He was more scared about George being mad at him for killing the puppy and not letting him tend to the rabbits
What is the purpose of Aunt Clara’a appearance in Lennie’s mind’s eye She is yelling at him for not ever listening to George and always getting in trouble
What does Lennie fear his punishment will be? He won’t get to tend the rabbits
Why does George struggle while telling Lennie the story about their ranch? George knew that the dream wasn’t ever going to become true. He knew he was going to kill Lennie
What is Slim’s role at the end of the story? He is George’s conscience

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