Oedipus/Antigone Characters

Oedipus’ wife and mother Jocasta
Jocasta’s brother Creon
Oedipus’ father Laius
Blind prophet; uses birds to interpret omens Tiresias
Appeals to Oedipus for help in removing the plague in Thebes; one of the suppliants Priest
Receives baby Oedipus from Jocasta Theban Shepherd
Delivers the news of Polybus’ death Corinthian Messenger
Oedipus’ Brother-in-law; eventual king of Thebes Creon
Oedipus’ daughter; buries her brother against Creon’s wishes Antigone
Antigone’s sister, Oedipus’ daughter Ismene
Creon’s wife, kills herself when she learns that Creon has driven away their son Eurydice
Creon and Eurydice’s son; engaged to Antigone Haemon
Finds Antigone burying her brother, delivers her to Creon Sentry
Son of Oedipus, traitor to Thebes (attacks with an army from Argos) Polyneices
Son of Oedipus, kills brother in battle fighting for Thebes, buried with honor Eteocles

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