Odyssey Unit 3 Lesson 1

True or False? Jonathan Swift proposed the radical idea of eating children in order to resolve Ireland’s economic downfall.TrueFalse True
Which of the following circumstances aided the Enlightenment movement? Select all that apply.scientific advancementsreliance on the Church as a political authoritythe wide availability of printed materialthe persecution of independent thinking scientific advancementsthe wide availability of printed material
What is another way to say, “Have the courage to use your own understanding”?Carpe diem.Cognito, ergo sum.Veni, vidi, vici.Saper aude. Saper aude.
Which writers most likely influenced our Founding Fathers? Select all that apply.Swift and BaconMarlowe and KantLocke and VoltaireSpinoza and Rousseau Locke and VoltaireSpinoza and Rousseau
One tenet of deism is _____.rational thoughtpersonal well-beingthe absolute rule over oneselfthe observation of the natural world the observation of the natural world
Which of the following is NOT a philosophy associated with The Enlightenment?deismeudaimoniaromanticismegalitarianism romanticism
…it is best one should quote what one doesn’t understand at all in the language one knows the least.”The above is an example of Satire
The Enlightenment philosophy of eudaimonia is best summarized by which option?Happiness is good for society.Speak or forever hold your peace.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.Religion is the opiate of the masses. Happiness is good for society.

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