Odyssey Review Examples

When dawn spread her finger tips of rose.(Homer gives dawn fingers and the ability to use the fingers) Personification
……….. the sweet scent hovered like a fume over the winebowl(Homer is comparing the scent to a fume) Simile
The Sea= time, journey, barrier= to his life Metaphor
Two dozen four-wheeled wagons with heaving wagon teams, could not have stirred the tonnage of that rock from where he wedged it over the door sill! Hyperbole
Only plain truth shall I tell you child……. (Odysseus downplays his journey) Litotes
Vengeance- Odysseus killing the suitors Theme
Son of Laertes= Odysseus Epithets
The number from Dulichium alone is fifty-two hand picked men, with armorers, a half-dozen; twenty-four came from Same,……………………(Telemachus is listing all of the suitors) Catalouges
Argus(O’s time gone, loyalty and love are shown by Argus) Symbol
But anguish lies ahead; the god who thunders on the land prepares it………..(Tiresias is telling Odysseus about the future) Foreshadowing
By heaven! when she vomited, all of the sea was like a cauldron seething over intense fire, when the mixture suddenly heaves and rises. Imagery
The Odyssey starts out with most of Odysseus’ journey already completed. Homer uses flashbacks to tell the beginning of the story while Odysseus finishes his journey home. In medias res

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