Odyssey review

Circe held his men captive as pigs
Penelope Odysseus’ wife
Calypso held him captive for 7 years
Scylla 6 headed monster with 12 tentacles
Homer wrote the odyssey
Polyphemus the name of the cyclops
Helios the god of the sun
Sirens half women half monsters who lured men to their deaths by singing
Charybdis giant violent whirlpool
Nobody the name Odysseus gives the cyclops when they are in the cave
Athena immortal that was the protector of Telemachus
Dawn had rose colored fingers
Odysseus Laertes son
6 men per ship how many men did odysseus lose to Scylla
Antenous the head suitor who plots to kill Telemachus
Made men forget about home and not want to go back What did the lotus flower do?
Poseidon god that was angry at Odysseus
To get him drunk why did odysseus offer wine to the cyclops?
Odysseus tells the cyclops that he is “nobody” and stabs him in the eye; his men get out by hitching rides on the bottom of the sheep how does Odysseus kill the cyclops?
Cycones odysseus lost half of his men to them
Teiresias the blind prophet
Helen who is the wife of Menelaus?
Alcinous The king that helps Odysseus get home
Telemacus Odysseus’ son
Nausiccaa Alcinous’ daughter
Eurylochus Odysseus’ right hand man on the adventures
Full of pride Odysseus’ flaw
He was worshipping and asleep why didn’t Odysseus stop his men from killing the cattle?
Dying of starvation according to Eurylochus, what is worse than dying in battle?
True T or F: an epic hero is always appealing to the opposite gender
Circe who (goddess) is helpful and harmful to the men?
His mother in the land of the dead who does Odysseus encounter?
One; Odysseus at the end of part 1, how many survivors are there?
Zeus who punishes his men after they killed the cattle?
Invocation a prayer to the Muses
Epithet short descriptive phrases without using their name
Aeolus Gave him a bag of winds

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