odyssey questions and answers

who was polyphemus’ father? Poseidon
who warned odysseus about helios’ cattle? teiresias
who were the brothers who gathered greeks to fight in the trojan war? agamemnon and menelaus
who was “the face that launched a thousand ships”? helen
how was a minstrel used in the performance of the odyssey? homer=blind minstrel
what is a homeric simile? compares mortal to god
what are the purpose of myths? stories that use fantasy to express ideas about life that cannot be expressed easily in realistic terms
who were the rhapsodes? historians/entertainers/mythmakers of their time
how were epics told in homer’s day? told aloud, made up on the spot with rhythm and meter
how long was odysseus away from his family? 20 years
what was odysseus’ character flaw? cocky-ego
where are the ruins of troy? turkey
who came between gods and mortals? demi-gods
who was married to helen of troy originally? Menelaus-king of sparta
which story comes first the illiad or the odyssey? illiad
who was the most arrogant of all the suitors? antinous
how did penelope “stall” her betrothal to one of the suitors? tapestry-weaving by day unweaving by night
how many muses were there? 9
which goddess helped odysseus? athena
who instructs calypso to surrender odysseus hermes
why don’t odysseus’ men immediantly kill odysseus? otherwise the won’t get out of his cave

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