Odyssey pt3

cower to crouch or shrink back, as in fear or shame
impundance speech or behavior that is aggressively forward or rude
mortified deeply embarrassed, shamed, or humiliated
rebuke to scold sharply; criticize
guise outward appearance; false appearance
renowned famous; widely known
commandeer to seize by force or threats
justification a reason for an action that shows it to be just, right, or reasonable
omen a sign or event thought to foretell good or bad fortune; forewarning
contemptible deserving of scorn; disgraceful
cowered; Odysseus noticed her, so did the dogs, who _______ whimpering away from her.
impundance; You think you’ll shuffle off and get away after that _______?
mortified/rebuke; but now the rest were _______ and someone spoke from the crowd of young bucks to _______ him.
guise; you know they go in foreign _______, the gods do, looking like strangers, turning up in towns and settlements to keep an eye on manners, good or bad
renowned; if he returned, if he were here to care for me, i might be happily _______.
commandeered; my lords hear me: suitors indeed you _______ this house to feast and drink in, day and night my husband being long down long out of mind
justification; you found no _______ got yourselves none except your lust to marry me
omen; and odysseus laughed within him that the son of crooked minded cronies had flung that _____ down.
contemptible; my hand and eye are sound, not so _______ as the young men say.

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