Odyssey Part 2 (summary)

The Return of Odysseus • Odysseus returns home – alone – after 20 years of absence• Penelope and Telemachus has been hoping for Odysseus to return• Athena turns Odysseus into a disguise as a begger• Athena appears at breakfasto Not every one can see the gods appear• Odysseus will bring doom on suitors of town• Athena restores Odysseus into himself• Telemachus thinks Odysseus is a god • Telemachus is Odysseus’ son• Telemachus doesn’t believe that Odysseus could go from dirty, shaggy (begger) to handsome, god-like (himself)• Telemachus then believes that that is his father• Telemachus starts to question what happened, where is his ship, where are the others• Odysseus demands to find all the men that tried to steal his wife away• There were at a bare minimum 118 men after Penelope• Telemachus has doubt of being able to find and kill all the men• Odysseus replies with the fact that they will have Athena and Zeus on their side• Odysseus still believes it will work• He says he will get Athena to disguise him back into an old beggero So that Telemachus will get angry when they joke about how Odysseus looks• Odysseus says that Athena gave him a sign to nod at Telemachus to bring all equipment to the storeroom and said to say that he was moving the equipment for their own good• Odysseus says to make sure that Telemachus gets armor and tools for them• Odysseus told Telemachus to not let anyone know that he was here
Argus • Argus is Odysseus’ old dog• The suitors who are after Penelope, didn’t treat Argus well• He lays in poop• He recognizes Odysseus’ voice, but doesn’t have strength to go to him• Eumaeus thinks Odysseus is dead• He used his last strength to try to go to Odysseus but dies in the process
The suitors • Antinous is arrogant and greedy• Odysseus says to him that he has no heart• Antinous throws a stool at Odysseus but he stays calm• Odysseus tells him that he is heartless and that there are going to be people that the Furies wont want to be treated like that and he will die• Some people tell Antinous that sometimes gods will disguise as beggars to see how they are treated• Odysseus knew that Telemachus would be mad when he saw how his father was treated•Penelope heard when Odysseus was hit by the stool• She is wishing that Apollo would shoot him with an arrow• Penelope calls him a black-hearted hound
Penelope • Penelope asks the beggar (Odysseus) questions, about if he knew her husband•Odysseus doesn’t want to talk about what happened because he doesn’t want to cry in another persons house (its really his house)• He doesn’t want to cry because he doesn’t want her servants to think he is drunk•Penelope says that everything about her was lost when Odysseus left• The minute Odysseus leaves, all the sons of all noble families filled up the house to present to her• She says she wishes to make a funeral cloth, so that she could pass time, she wouldn’t marry until she was done, so she would weave all day, and at night she would unravel everything and start over•Took 4 years, then she was caught•She was sick of trying to push them off• Penelope asks thing about the beggar, he make up a tale that mentioned Odysseus and said that he would be home soon• He swears he is on his way
The challenge •Penelope claims she will marry the guy that can shoot Odysseus’ bow thru 12 axhandle sockets•Everyone fails, Odysseus gets it•Odysseus won the challenge to marry Penelope
Odysseus’ Revenge •Odysseus kills Antinous•The men go to get their weapons but there not there•Eurymachus stands up and says he wasn’t wrong for killing Antinous•E says he will pay back everything + 10%•Eurymachus dies•Telemachus tells Odysseus that they need armor, so he goes off and gets some•Odysseus, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and other herdsmen kill all of the suitors•He makes a epic simile for 5 lines, about a fisherman (line 1535)
Penelope’s Test •Penelope tests Odysseus to prove he really is her husband•Athena transform Odysseus into a hunk•Penelope was hard and cold, wouldn’t hug him•Penelope tells servants to make a bed for him, but put it outside the bed chamber•He revealed a lot about the bed•Odysseus built there whole bedroom around a trunk of an old olive tree•In all 20 years, no man had laid eyes on the wonderful bed•Odysseus is back with his wife, peaceful

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