Odyssey Part 2!!!!!!!

Who helps Odysseus return to Ithaca after twenty years? Athena and the Pheasians
Once in Ithaca, whom does Odysseus visit and how is he disguised? He visits Eumaus and is disguised as a beggar/old person
In Odysseus’ absence, where has his son Telemachus journeyed? Why? He visits Sparta and Pylous to look for his father.
What news does Athena share with Telemachus? Tells him that they are planning to kill him & tells him to go back to Ithica and stay with Eumaeus
When Telemachus returns to Ithaca, who does he visit first? Why? He visits Eumaus first because he wants to know if his mom has remarried
What important Greek value does Telemachus’ and Eumaues’ treatment of the unknown beggar reveal? Hospitality
How does Athena transform Odysseus just before he reveals his identity to Telemachus? He changes him into himself with a wand.
Why is it ironic that Odysseus should return to Ithaca in beggar’s rags? It is ironic because he is a god.
What is Argos’ condition when Odysseus sees him? In telling us how Odysseus’s dog is kept, what is Homer also telling us about conditions in Ithaca? He is in bad shape. Ithaca is also bad condition.
10. In setting up the test of the bow for the suitors, how is Penelope really suggesting she is looking for Odysseus? Only Odysseus can pass this test.
What does Penelope promise the winner of the contest? She would leave her home and marry him
Just before Odysseus steps forward to try the bow, he reveals his identity to two other people. Who are they, and why does he reveal himself to them? Eumaeus and Philoeteus he reveals himself because he needs to know who is loyal to him.
As the epic reaches its climax, two signs are sent from Olympus to indicate the god’s approval of Odysseus. What are they? 1. The thunder from Zeus 2. Athenas shield was floating over them.
List at least five images / examples of figurative language that help you picture some of the most tense or most horrifying moments in the battle. When he shot Antinous with the bow while he was drinking, when they were compared to falcons, when Athenas shield showed in the sky, when Odysseus gets mad at her for trying to move his bed, and when Penelopy told him how hard it was without him.
Is Odysseus’ revenge on the suitors and maids excessive? Defend your answer? I think that Odysseus’ revenge is a bit excessive, I believe that I would just tell them to leave not shoot someone in their neck.
How does Penelope test Odysseus after the battle? She tries to move their bed.
What characteristic of their marriage bed suggests the strength and endurance of their love? Only they know what their bed is made out of and olive tree
What do we learn about ancient Greek society from Homer’s epic? Consider the following: treatment of guests, man’s relationship with the gods, view of the elderly, etc. They treat their guest greatly. They honor the gods if not they receive consequences.
Adversity Difficulties; misfortune
Aloof Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant
Commandeer Officially take possession or control of something, especially for military purposes
Contemptible Deserving contempt; despicable
Desolation A state of complete emptiness or destruction
Implacable Unable to be placated
Restitution The restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner.
Revelry Lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.
Revulsion A sense of disgust and loathing.
Tremulous Shaking or quivering slightly.

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