Odyssey part 2

Odysseus and Telemachus plan to handle Penelope’s unwanted suitors by Athena disguising Odysseus as an old beggar, hide the arms and armor that usually decorate the Great Hall, and put aside weapons for themselves. Odysseus will give Telemachus a sign to fight How do Odysseus and Telmachus plan to handle Penelope’s unwanted suitors?
Argus is Odysseus’ faithful, hunting, dog. In Argus’ youth, he was swift, strong, and scared of nothing. He was a symbol of loyalty. What is Argus? What was he like in his youth?
Antinous treats Odysseus with cruelty and scorn. He threatens him, teases him, and throws a stool at him. Describe Antinous’ treatment of Odysseus.
Penelope said that before she married, she had to weave a burial shroud for Lord Laertes. At night, she would in weave what she had done during the day to hold off the suitors. After three years they discover her trick, and she is forced to finish the shroud. Describe the trick Penelope used to delay choosing a husband from among the suitors.
Odysseus is overcome with tears of joy in seeing his son, but Telemachus is afraid because he thinks he is a god or the gods are trying to trick him. Compare Odysseus’ emotions with Telemachus’ when they are reunited.
No, it was meant to symbolize Argus’ devotion to Odysseus. He had to keep watch, not permit himself to die until his master came home. Is Argus’ death just when Odysseus returns a coincidence? Explain.
She remains faithful and is still very much in love with Odysseus. She is clever because of the trick she used to put of choosing a new husband. What impression of Penelope do you get from her conversation with the disguised Odysseus?
To test her faithfulness and he might be unsure of his wife’s feelings at this point Why do you think Odysseus chooses not to reveal his identity to his wife?
They react with humor and ridicule. They mock him for daring to pick up the bow. What is the suitors’ reaction when Odysseus, still in disguise, takes up the bow?
They react with anger and threats, thinking it was an unjustifiable murder. Describe the immediate reaction of the suitors to the killing of Antinous
He fights and kills all the suitors. How does Odysseus get revenge on the suitors?
She wants to move their bed outside the room. His response is telling her it’s impossible because their bed is a tree and can’t be moved. He describes in detail, how he constructed the bed. What is Penelope’s test, and how does Odysseus pass it?
They were courting his wife,before having proof that Odysseus is dead, ate his food, and were conspiring to kill his son What are Odysseus’ reason for slaying all the suitors?
She has grown cautious and feels she must be absolutely sure that it it Odysseus. She thinks it’s possible the gods are playing a trick on her. Since Odysseus has abandoned his disguise, why does Penelope still need to test him?
The happiness of the reunited couple is shadowed by the difficult trials of the past Describe the mood of the scene at the end of “Penelope’s Test.” Is it altogether happy or does it include some sadness?
Odysseus’ confident way with the bow and arrow shows that although he has the help of a god, he is obviously a skilled archer. Does Odysseus’ success in the contest show that he is a skilled archer or merely that he has a god on his side? Support your answer.
In today’s society it is wrong to that because he is considered unjustly and there are laws. He might go to trial, court, and/or jail. Back then the laws were made by the gods, sometimes the gods would help them like how Athena helps Odysseus during the killing of the suitors Compare justice at the hands of Odysseus with justice in a modern society.

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