Odyssey Part 1 Review Questions

What keeps Odysseus from reaching home? Calypso
Describe Polyphemus and his home Polyphemus was huge and had a very loud voice, and he lives on an island inside a cave surrounded by many tree’s
Why does Odysseus mot kill Polyphemus when he first gets an opportunity to do so? He didn’t, because if he killed him, then they would die too because they were stuck inside behind the rock that was holding them in
What does Odysseus do to blind Polyphemus and ultimately escape from him? He first gets him drunk, then he ties the men onto sheep and stabs him in the eye
Polyphemus didn’t expect Odysseus to be as he is, what did he expect? He was so small
What survival qualities does Odysseus exhibit in his conflict with Polyphemus? His resources, strength, cunning, and leadership helps with Polyphemus, and he also is good at stalling
What might a young person in ancient Greece have learned from the Cyclops? They might learn to not brag over victory, and to be cautious of what you are doing
What is the purpose of the rites Odysseus performs in the land of the Men of Winter ? He must perform these sacrificial rites in the land of the Cimmerians, because they live close to the land of the dead
What does he ghost of Elpenor request? He tells Odysseus to not forget him
What does Tiresias foretell? He told them to not harm the cattle of Helios
What directions and warnings does he give? He told Odysseus to avoid the cattle
What character traits does Odysseus display in this episode that he did reveal in his adventure with the Cyclops? He is very patient
Describe his reaction to the appearance of his mothers ghost He starts to get emotional and he starts to cry
What does Odysseus have his crew do to him so that he can listen to the Sirens song? He told them to tie him to the mast and he said if he asks to be untied, don’t do it
What does Odysseus do to protect his men? He plugs their ears with wax
How does he react to the song? Odysseus wanted to be untied because he didn’t enjoy the song
Summarize what the Sirens say in the song The song makes men leap over squadron, no one has ever heard the song, because those who have are dead
Compare and contrast the peril of the sirens and the peril of the lotus eaters The sirens wanted to kill the men, while the lotus eaters wanted them to stay there forever
Why do you think Homer decided to let only Odysseus hear the Sirens song? He wants to hear the song, because he will be the only man who lives when hearing the song
As Odysseus and his crew near Scylla and Charybdis, how do the men react? His men were very scared
Describe how Scylla kills six of the men A Scylla is a monster with 6 heads and each head has 3 rows of teeth with a long neck. The creature sits inside her den and reaches out with her long neck and gets any prey that is close
How does Odysseus show himself to be an effective leader of his men? He looks out for them and he treats everyone the same, so he is a great leader because he doesn’t put himself before anyone
Why do you think Odysseus chooses to sail toward Scylla, rather than Charybdis? Scylla isn’t as dangerous as Charybdis
Is Odysseus right to keep a secret from his men about Scylla? No, because his men would be scared and they would panic
What does Eurlochus say to persuade Odysseus’s men to slaughter and eat the cattle of Helios, the sun god? He says “All deaths are hateful to us, mortal wretches but famine is the most pitiful, the worst a man can come to.” He convinced them that it’s better to die from something else than famine
What is Zeus’s response to Helios demand for revenge? Zeus tells Helios that it’s okay and he will throw down a lightning bolt and make splinters of their ship
How does Odysseus manage to escape death? He sailed away from Thirinacia, only to have his boat destroyed by Zeus, then he floated on driftwood to Ogygia, then to Calypso
Where did this story begin? Phaeacia
Why did Calypso want to keep Odysseus on the Island? She was in love with him, but he didn’t like her because he already had a wife
Who outnumbered Odysseus? Cicones
In the Lotus- Eaters, who messes with Odysseus? Zeus
What will happen if you eat the Lotus Flower? You cannot leave
Who doesn’t like Cyclops? Odysseus
What did Tiresias foretell? Avoid Helios cattle
What does Odysseus want to do? Be the first to hear the Sirens and make it out alive, but he doesn’t
What is a Charybdis Whirlpool
What is a Scylla? Dragon
What did Eurylochus say? Eat the cattle of Helios
Why doesn’t Zeus want to kill Odysseus? Zeus wants to keep messing with Odysseus

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