Odyssey Part 1 Quiz

who does homer appeal to for inspiration? muse
how does narrator at the beginning describe Odysseus? skilled in all ways of contending, the wanderer, harried on years on end
what has Odysseus seen before the story even started? town lands, people, the sea, pretty much everything
why did Odysseus fight? to safe his life and bring his shipmates home.
who is the sun god? Lord Helios
who is Odysseus’s father? Laertes
where is Odysseus’s home? Ithaka
what is the terrain of Ithaka like? a peaked sea-mark, under Mount Neion, rocky isle
Who has detained Odysseus in the beginning? (opening verse) Kalypso and Kirke of Aiaia
Where did the wind carry him? Ismaros
what happened in Ismaros? He stormed it and killed the men who fought, enslaved the women, stole supplies
What did Odysseus’s men loose in Ismaros? a lot of lives
What type of weather did they face after leaving Ismaros? stormy
How many days did they drift in the section the lotus eaters? 9
Whose island did they arrive at after drifting? the lotus eaters
What is the lotus? honey plant, drug
why did they land at the lotus eaters island? they needed water
what happened to the men he sent out with the lotus eaters? they did not want to return, they wanted to stay forever
how did they escape from lotus island? Odysseus had to carry them out to the boat and tie them to it, then roe like crazy so they wouldn’t escape
who are the kyklopes? describe them. giants, louts, ignorant, without a law to bless them
how many of his best fighters does Odysseus chose to go face the Kyklops? 12
what important thing did they take with them to kyklops’s cave? a goatskin full of sweet liquor from Marion
where did the kyklops live? a cave
what is kyklops occupation basically? to pasture sheep
what did Odysseus’s men want to do initially in kyklops’s cave? to steal food and other things from the cave
why did kyklops refuse to steal then leave in kyklops cave? he wanted to see the caveman and what he had to offer.
how did the men feel when Kyklops returned and saw them? they felt pressure in their heart, nervous
what custom did Odysseus remind Kyklops of? honoring strangers or guests
how did the kyklops react when Odysseus reminded him of the custom of honoring strangers? he was unmoved.
what is the lie that Odysseus told (first one)? that their ship had already crashed
what did kyklops do after Odysseus told him that their ship had crashed? he ate odysseus’s shipmates.
why didn’t odyssues kill the kyklops right when he started eating the shipmates? because he needed kyklops to move the rock
what is the plan Odysseus develops to save them in kyklops’s cave? to drunken kyklops, then poke out his eye with an inflamed olive branch stick
how many men did odysseus need to carry out his plan in the cave? 4 plus him
what was the first part of odysseus’s plan in the cave? to give kyklops liquor
what does odysseus tell the cyclops his name is? Nohbody
how is saying his name was nohbody a clever thing to do? so when someone asks who did it the cyclops would say nohbody.
after Odysseus tells him that his name is Nohbody what happens to kyklops and what do odysseus and his men do? he passes out drunk and they stab his eye out
how did they escape from the cave? he let the lamb out to pasture and they escaped on the lamb.
what mistake does odysseus make in the kyklops section? he told kyklops who he really was after escaping
who is the kyklop’s father? poseidon
what is the curse that kyklops places on odysseus? that he will never return home or if he does not for a very long time. he will loose his companions, arrive on strang sails, and no better days ahead
after they escape the cave, what offering does Odysseus make? is it accepted? the bones of a lamb, and no
the land of the dead was foretold to them by whom? kirke
what sacrifices does odysseus offer up at the beginning of the land of the dead? liquids and barley
to whom do odysseus and his shipmates offer sacrifices in the land of dead section? the dead
who gets the most special sacrifice in the land of the dead and what is it? tariseas, black lamb
who first appeared to odysseus in the land of the dead? all the souls
after the souls appearing, odyssues commanded him men to make more sacrifices to who? the gods below (haites and persephone)
who was odysseus waiting on to appear in the land of dead? tariseas
what is a shade in the odyssey? ghost
what shade appeared first in the land of the dead and who was he in relationship to odysseus? elphenor, shippmate
how did elphenor die? drank too much mine and fell off the roof and broke his neck
what did elphenor ask odysseus for? a proper burial so they would not forgive him
what ghost appeared next after elphenor? anticlea, odysseus’s mother
who appeared last in land of the dead? tarieseas
who is the prince of thebes? tariseas
this “prince” (tarieseas) posessed the gift of what? speech
what is tariseas’s prophecy? what is going to happen to Odysseus? if they killed the cattle of the sun God, shipmates would die, they would be lost for years, then when he returned home men would be courting his lady and eating his livestock? then to make things right with poseidon he with have to make a long journey
who leaves Odysseus at the beginning of the passage called the seirenes? kirke
odysseus addresses his men when they all leave in the ship and tells them what who foresaw at the beginning of the seirenes passage? kirke
what did kirke tell odysseus she foresaw? the seirnes in their future, but to stay away
what was the plan to avoid danger with the seirenes? to cover them mens’ ears with earwax and to get the men to tie him to the boat
odysseus begged his men to do what when passing seirenes? to tie him in the boat and not untie untill they passed
in skylla and kharkybdis, odysseus gives his men a pep talk because they are about to encounter what monster? skylla
what is another phrase for skylla? monster of great rocks
what was the other monster besides skylla waiting for them? kharkybdis
what comparison was used to descride the men getting snatched up by the first monster? fish dangling from a hook.
what does odysseus tell his men when he “mustered all the crew”? dont eat the cattle
what ran out after a month of storms in the cattle of the sun god? food
while odysseus went to pray to the gods, what did Eurylokhos plea for the men to do? eat the cattle
what did the men do when odysseus was gone in the cattle of the sun god? killed the cattle
what does lord helios do when he finds out that odysseus’s men killed the cattle of sun god? tells zues to punish him
what terrible omens or “queer signs” happened in the cattle of the sun god? cow hides crawl and beef both raw and roasted mooed
then what did zues do to odysseus and his men after the queer signs? sent a storm to destroy the ship.
then the ship headed toward what two dangers at the end of the cattle of the sun god? skylla and kharybdis
what happened to to the ship at the end of the cattle of the sun god? kyharybdis swallowed half the boat then spit it back up
what happened to odysseus at the end of part 1? he survived and went to the isle where calypso was
who are the acheans? people from Greece
the kyklops in this story’s name is.. polythemus
who turned Odysseus’s men into swine? kirke
the spear that Odysseus and his med was made out of what? olive tree branch
who is the lord of noon? helios
who waves a haunting song over the seas? the seirens
who gave odysseus the sack of wind? Aeolea
who is the god of wind? Aeolea
what happened to the sack of wind Aeolea game Odysseus? he told Odysseus not to open the bag until they were close enough to home so the wind would blow them into shore. odysseus didnt tell his men what was in the sack and they opened it up because they thought it was money that odysseus was hiding from them. since they opened the bag too early, it only blew them further away from home.
how many years after the Trojan war does the story begin? 10
after the Trojan War, all the Greek heroes except Odysseus return home. he stays on the island of _________ with Calypso. Ogygia
who is odysseus’s wife? penelope
who is odysseus’s son? telemachus
the city of cicones, also where the wind carriend odysseus sailing form troy. Ismarus
how many eyes does a kyklops have? 1
how many heads does a skylla have? 6
what was in the kyklops’s cave that odysseus’s men wanted to steal? crates of milk and cheese.
from the land of the kyklops, the acheans sail to the home of who? Aeolus
who is Odysseus’s mother? Anticleia
what did Odysseus’s mother die from? grief from waiting from Odysseus’s return
what is the island of the sun? Thrinacia
after his shipmates eat the cattle of the sun god, what happens? Zeus kicks up another storm and Odysseus is the only one that survives. the storm sweeps him back to Kharybdis, where he barely escapes. he eventually returned to Ogygia again.

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