Odyssey/O’ Brother Where Art Thou Comparison Chart

O’ Brother Where Art Thou The Odyssey
The railroad conductor prophesied the future of the main characters. Tiresias prophesied the future of Odysseus and his men.
Ulysses Everett McGill is a man in a rush to get back to his family. Odysseus is a man in a rush to get back to his family.
Ulysses, Delmar, and Pete are given a change of clothes in order to blend in well before heading out on their journey. Odysseus is given a raft and clothing by Calypso before heading out on his journey.
The three run into a group of three women singing a bewitching song and washing clothes who soon begin to enchant them Odysseus and his men encounter the sirens, women who sang an enchanted song that drove men into crashing their boats, who creates a problem for them
Big Dan Teague the one-eyed and largest of all characters in this story, is killed by a large wooden object The cyclops Polyphemus is injured by a large wooden object
Ulysses’ family(excluding Penny) thinks he’s dead Odysseus’ family thinks he is dead.
When Pete and Delmar are baptized, they forget about the treasure until Ulysses brings them to their senses. Odysseus’ crew begin to eat the lotus flowers (excluding Odysseus), become happy and forget of home until he reminds them what they left behind
Sheriff Cooley is a ruthless man pursing the trio throughout the duration of the story, intent on making them suffer. Poseidon is god of the sea, intent on making Odysseus suffer.
Ulysses and Penny rekindle their love and end up together a the end of the story. Odysseus and Penelope rekindle their love and end up together.
Vernon T. Waldrup is the fiance of Penny set to marry following Ulysseus going to jail. There are several suitors looking to marry Penelope following Odysseus’ presumed death.

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