Odyssey Comprehension check

Why does Odysseus leave home? To fight in the Trojan War
Why does Cyclops live alone in a cave? The cyclops are very antisocial people that live alone. Do the same thing everyday.
Why does Odysseus go to hades, the land of the dead? Odysseus goes to the land of the dead to see the blind prophet Tiresias. he needs help from the prophet to guide him home.
To whom does Odysseus speak in the land of the dead? Odysseus speaks to the blind prophet Tiresias.
After twenty years, how does Odysseus finally get home?
What are Antinous and the others doing in Odysseus house? Their were trying to make Penelope odysseus wife pick a new husband because they all thought he was dead from the trojan war. They wanted Penelope because they would rule Ithaca. Odysseus kingdom.
What test does Penelope use to choose a husband from among the suitors? Penelope uses a accuracy test on all the suitors. The test was composed of shooting through twelve axe handles with Odysseus bow.
What brings the spirits of the dead to Odysseus? The things that bring the spirits to Odysseus is the sacrifices of the sheep and the blood pool they offer to the dead.
What does Tiresias say that odysseus and his men must do? Tiresias warns odysseus that his men must not eat the cattle of the sun gods

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