Odyssey – Combined

Where is Odysseus in Book 1? on the island of Ogygia (trapped by nymph Calypso)
What or whom is Athena disguised as in Book 1? Mentes, caption of the seafaring Taphians, friend of Odysseus
Why do Telemachus and his mother need Odysseus (book 1)? to get the suitors to get out and take back control of the estate
Why does Odysseus’s wife have suitors (book 1)? they want to marry her and take over the kingdom
What does Athena advise Telemachus to do (book 1)? “Man up”: tell the suitors to leave, go see if he can find out whether his father is alive or dead, if alive wait for him, if dead bury him and marry off his mom, kill all the suitors
Who does Telemachus go to see first in his travels? Where does he go? Nestor, Pylos
Who accompanies Telemachus to go see Menelaus in Sparta? Nestor’s son
What clues due Menelaus and Helen that Telemachus is Odysseus’s son (book 4)? he resembles Odysseus and he cries when they talk about Odysseus
What is Menelaus opinion of Odysseus (book 4)? He thinks very highly of him and considers him a dear friend
Who is Menelaus’s wife and what does she have to do with the Trojan War? Helen, she was cursed to love Paris by Aphrodite and the war resulted when they went to rescue her (??)
Describe Antinous plan to destroy Telemachus (book 4)? ambush him at sea
How does Odysseus feel about the nymph Calypso? He loves her but want to return home
Who is Hermes and what is his mission (book 5)? messenger, go tell Calypso to let Odysseus go
What can Hermes do with his wand (book 5)? charm mortal to sleep and make sleepers wake
Who is holding Odysseus captive (book 5)? nymph Calypso
What is Calypso’s reaction to having to let Odysseus go (book 5)? she was furious
What is the main problem Odysseus faces while traveling by sea (book 5)? Poseidon keeps stirring up the sea
What happens to Odysseus at the end of Book 5? he swims to the shore of the Phacacians’ land, crashes on the rocky shore, and finds a place in the forest to lie down and sleep
We have ______________ for Greek stories. expectations
What is the literary term for the style of beginning a story in the middle and flashing back? in medias res
The Odyssey begins with an ___________________ invocation (prayer to gods)
What is a statement of theme? tells you what the story is about
What is the renaming of the characters, gods, or things and then adding detail called? epitheis
What is a catalogue? a list
Who wrote the Odyssey? What other work of art did he write? Homer, Illiad
Describe the author. Blind poet
What started the Trojan War? Paris stole Helen (from Troy)
Who was Helen’s husband and how was he described? King Menelanus, “red-headed”
Where was Menelaus from? Sparta, Greece
Who were some of the main characters in the Trojan War? Helen, Achilles, Odysseus, Agamemnan
Who is Telemachus? Odysseus’s son
How long did the Trojan War last? 10 years
Who was the greated hero of the Trojan War? Achilles
Who was the only loyal wife? Penelope, Odysseus’s wife

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