Odyssey Books 11 and 12

What does Odysseus do to call the souls of the dead to him? He makes an offering with milk, honey, and blood. The souls come to drink it.
Who is Tiersias and what does Odysseus want from him? He is a soothsayer; Odysseus wants to know if he will get home.
What does Tiersias predict for Odysseus? He will make it home, but his men will die.
What should Odysseus do about the suitors at home? He has to kill them.
What is the name of Odysseus’s mother and how did she die? Anticleia; loneliness.
Why can’t Odysseus hug his mother? She’s dead.
Why should Odysseus be wary of the Sirens? They lure men into their trap by singing.
What should he and his men do to keep safe from the Sirens? Cover their ears.
What will Charybdis if Odysseus’ ship gets too close? She is a whirlpool, so she whirlpool them or whatever and they drown.
Describe Scylla a sea nymph transformed into a sea monster who lived on one side of a narrow strait.
What does Odysseus keep secret from his men?
Describe the circumstances of Odysseus’ shipmates’ deaths. Is it Odysseus’ fault? They are killed for eating Helios’s cattle; Odysseus warned them not to.

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