Odyssey Book 9

Who does Odysseus begin to tell his tale to? What is his tale about? Odysseus begins to tell his tale to the Phaeacians. He tells them the tale of his attempt to get home to Ithaca.
Who did Odysseus leave the war with? What do they decide to do directly after leaving the Trojan war? Odysseus leaves the war with his men and ships. They decide to raid the island of the Cicones.
After Odysseus and his men sack the Cicones, how do they respond? The Cicones call for help from other Cicones
Which god sends a hurricane and why? Zeus sends a hurricane to punish Odysseus and his crew.
What happens in result of the storm? Which island do they land on? Odysseus and his crew get blown off course. They all land on the island of the Lotus eaters.
Who does Odysseus send to see what is on the island and what do they do? Odysseus sends two scouts to scout out the island and they eat the Lotus flowers.
What do the Lotus flowers do? The Lotus flowers cause men to loose all desire.
Who goes to save the men and bring them back to the ship? Odysseus goes and drags his men back to the ship.
What is the first sound that Odysseus and his men hear when they sail up on onto the island? They hear hundreds of bleating wild goats.
Who goes up to the cave and what do they bring with them? Odysseus and twelve of his best fighters go up to the cave and bring a skin of ruddy wine with them.
What do they observe when they see the goats? They see that the goats are penned in by giant boulders and pine trees.
Why are Odysseus and his companions not afraid to enter the cave? They are unafraid because they believe that Zeus will protect them since they are guests in the cave of the owner
Who is the owner of the cave? A cyclops named Polyphemus
What does Odysseus warn the Cyclops to try and let him go? Does his warning work? Odysseus warns the Cyclops that if he harms them, Zeus will punish him for it. The cyclops doesn’t care about Zeus because his father is Poseidon.
What does Polyphemus do to two of Odysseus’ men? He eats them.
What is Odysseus’ plan to get free? He plans to stab the cyclops in the eye with a sharpened club while he is asleep
How does Odysseus make the Cyclops fall asleep? He gets him extremely intoxicated with the wine he had brought.
Who does Odysseus say he is? How is this clever? Odysseus says his name is “nobody”. This is smart because when Polyphemus tries to tell Poseidon who stabbed him, he won’t know who to punish.
How do Odysseus and his men escape? They hang on the underside of the goats so they will get out undetected by the cyclops.
What is the significance of the Bellwheather Ram? It shows Odysseus’ arrogance for him to take the “best” ram for himself.
How does Odysseus ruin his own perfect planning? While they are all getting away, Odysseus taunts the Cyclops.
How does Polyphemus respond to the taunts? He throws a piece of a mountain at the ship, forcing it back towards land.
Even as they get away, what does Odysseus do? Why does this forsake him? Odysseus taunts the Cyclops again and gives his name away.

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