Odyssey Book 9

What conflict is introduced in Odysseus’ beginning statements to the king? Who he is.
How are Odysseus’ comments about himself appropriate for an epic hero? He boasts about his exploits.
What threat do the Lotus Eaters pose to Odysseus and his men? They are not safe enough to be his crewmen.
Why doesn’t Odysseus respect the Cyclops? Stupid, clumsy, know nothing about agriculture, no determination, no tradition, no consultation, abusive to families, they do not have care for others.
What does his description imply about the Cyclops? That he is large and lazy.
What does the foreshadowing of the goatskin wine mean? That he will use it to his advantage against the Cyclops later.
Why doesn’t the hero listen to the crewmen about the cave? His men plead to steal the food and animals but Odysseus wants to see the ‘cavemen’.
What does the size of the Cyclops entrance say about them? That they have great strength.
What is the Cyclops’ attitude about the gods? He is not afraid of them.
Why does Odysseus lie about his ship? So the Cyclopes would not destroy it.
How does the beast respond to Odysseus’ misadventures? He eats 2 of his men.
Why does Odysseus’ change his mind about killing the Cyclops? So the Cyclops could move the rock from the entrance.
Explain Odysseus’ plan for dealing with the Cyclops. Stabs him in the eye.
Why does Odysseus offer the Cyclops the goatskin wine? To get him drunk and fall asleep.
Why does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is Nohbdy? So when the Cyclops calls for help, the others will think that the gods caused the pain upon Polyphemus.
What does Odysseus do to the Cyclops? He stabs him in the eye with a spike.
What is the name of the Cyclops? Polyphemus.
How does Odysseus’ lie about his name pay off? The Cyclopes thought that Zeus cause Polyphemus’ pain, so they won’t do anything to help him.
What is Odysseus’ plan for escape? He hides under Polyphemus’ sheep and will escape when he lets them out in the morning.
What mistake does Odysseus make towards the Cyclops? He boasts about defeating him, and he will learn not to boast towards his enemies.
How does Polyphemus respond? He throws a piece of the hill at Odysseus’ ship.
Do you think it was a mistake for Odysseus to reveal his name and where he came from? Why? Yes, because the Cyclops can go after him because now he know who he is and where he lives.
What triggers his memory in Lines 415-419? His name.
Explain the prophecy. Someone as big Polyphemus would lose his eye to someone as small as Odysseus.
Why is it ironic? Because Odysseus is much smaller and less stronger than Polyphemus.
Explain the curse on Odysseus and his crew. That Odysseus and his crew will never make it home.
Does Zeus respond favorably to Odysseus’ offering? No.

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