odyssey book 9

what was the effect of the lotus plate? It made you want to stay there
How heavy is the door of the cyclops cave? two dozen four wheeled wagons teams could not have moved it
What was the first villainous thing the cyclops does? Eats two men
Why doesn’t odysseus kill the cyclops when he has the chance? Fear came across him and he would never be able to get back in the cave without the cyclops help
What does odysseus give the cyclops as a gift? Wine
What gift does the cyclops give him in return He promises he will eat him last
What does odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is? Nobody
How do odysseus and his men sneak out of the cave? They hide under the sheep
What foolish thing does odysseus do? He tells the cyclops his real name and where he lives
What did the soothsayer once predict would happen to the cyclops? Odysseus would bling him
What does the cyclops ask his father poseidon to do for him? To make sure odysseus never sees his home

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