Odyssey book 5-6

Who is Hermes and what is his mission? Hermes is the messenger god. His mission was to order Odysseus home. But must not let Odysseus have no company, gods, or men, only a raft that he must lash together.
Wha can Hermes do with his wand? Hermes can charm people asleep or awaken them.
What is the River Styx? The River Styx is a river that forms a boundary between Earth and the underworld.
Who is holding Odysseus captive? Calypso is holding Odysseus captive on the island.
Does Odysseus want to stay with Calypso or go home? Cite evidence. Odysseus wants to go home. “Yet, it is true, each day I long for home, long for the sight of home .” (Pg.87, line 230)
What does this society value? What rules do they seem to live by in daily life? What is expected of the people, and what is considered rude? This society values loyalty, hospitality, intelligence, glory, and bravery. The rules the seem to live by everyday his to care for others, even strangers. Also to never stop trying and to be brave. Never disobeying the gods. People are expected to provide food and care for strangers and other people. It is considered rude to ignore or disrespect people, if so you will be punished by the gods.
What is Calypso’s reaction to having to let Odysseus go? Her reaction is very sad and emotional. But she knew she couldn’t refuse the gods order. She provides him with supplies for the raft.
What is the main problem Odysseus faces while traveling? Poseidon creates a big storm making it very difficult for Odysseus.
What happens to Odysseus at the end of book 5? Odysseus ends up on a forest on an island and Athena came and showered him to sleep, that his distress should end soon. He hides in the woods.
What is the “subliminal” message does Athena give to Nausicaa while she lies sleeping? Anthem tells the girl to go to the river in the morning and wash the clothes. Also to bring her maids.
Who is the only person who doesn’t run away from the terrifying Odysseus? Why? Nausicaa was the only person who didn’t run away from Odysseus. She didn’t run away because Athena gave her courage, strength, and a bold heart.
Is it pure luck that Nausicaa helps Odysseus? No, Athena was involved and told her to go to the river, where she knew Odysseus would be.
What does the fact that Odysseus won’t bathe in front of the girls tell us about the kind of person he is? That he is respectful, polite, modest, and humble.
Does Nausicaa parents will help Odysseus? Yes because one of the Greek skies is hospitality. Also because he was viewed as a god like figure.
Why won’t Nausicaa let Odysseus ride in her cart? Because she doesn’t want people to think that they are together.
What instructions does she give to Odysseus? She tells him to go to the docks and take a ship home.

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